Reasons Homeschooling Works – This is a guest blog post written by Steven Arndt.


Statistics shows that 50% parents are more eager to homeschool children today compared to 2003. This change of attitude is evident, but what instigated this change is the more interesting finding. Below are the reasons why most people refused to accept the homeschooling concept earlier but choose it now.

  1. Children Need Individual Attention

One of the biggest reasons parents give for homeschooling their kids is that the contemporary world demands a personalized approach to every kid. Every child is different and each kid needs to be taught individually.

Providing one-to-one attention helps them learn more effectively. Many people find that the best way to do this is to teach the kids at home, because no one knows your children better than you.

  1. Inefficacy in Traditional Schooling System

Another reason to shift from traditional schooling to homeschooling is that the education system has a lot of flaws. The conventional system does not actually instill the knowledge people need for future careers. Papers released by the Center on Education Policy suggest that 40% of students at the high school level are disengaged and demotivated.  Maybe this is why homeschooled kids often out-perform students from the traditional schooling system.

  1. Emphasis on Time Management

Another issue for parents was the belief that homeschooling is extremely time-consuming. They previously assumed that one parent would haveto quit their job if they wanted to teach their children at home. This is completely wrong.

Nowadays, we have an abundance of tools, techniques or software to assist in time management. You can also choose jobs that have shifts. You can then divide subjects and homeschooling between parents. You can also employ a tutor to give lessons on subjects you cannot teach the kids yourself. Another very helpful tip is to get introduced to other homeschooling parents. You can take shifts to tutor the children.

  1. Dominance of Technology-Based Learning Sources

Finally, the new technologies are dominating people’s lives. Families own tablets, smartphones, etc. which greatly aid with the learning process. In addition, there are an abundance of online programs, mobile apps and computer software which are especially aimed at developing kids’ knowledge.

There are numerous e-Learning sources which offer both paid and free courses. Over the last 5 years, the type of learning technologies that are available has doubled. It is expected that e-learning will continue to increase 23% through 2017.

You too can enjoy the benefits of teaching your children at home. With the right balance of everything, you can become the best teacher in your children’s lives.


Steven Arndt is a passionate writer, educator and a former History teacher who contributes his articles to He tends to reconsider the role of modern education in our society and watches with awe the freedom our youth now have.

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