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Dispelling Myths of Charter Schools – This is a guest blog post from Summit Academy Schools


At Summit Academy, we’d love it if all the information out there in the world were true. We’re in the business of good education, after all! But whether you’re seeing something on social media, or hearing it through your neighbor’s best friend’s cousin’s banker, valuable information can get accidentally misinterpreted.

We’re here to dispel some of the myths you may have heard about charter schools.

1) Charter schools are expensive.

Summit Academy is 100% tuition-free. No tricks! No loopholes! We provide a quality, tuition-free education.

Charter schools are required by federal and state laws to meet the same academic standards as public schools. So, Summit Academy is tuition free, open to all students, and audited by government financial professionals to ensure we’re good stewards of our public funds.

2) Charter schools don’t have extracurricular activities.

Summit Academy knows that a quality education isn’t just about test scores – it’s about learning a wide variety of academic, social, and life skills. So we’re very proud of our extracurricular programs, including clubs, sports, and the arts.

Summit Academy students participate in the National Honor Society, Student Council, Japanese Culture Club and the Quiz Bowl Club, to name a few. They also perform in plays, bands and dances. Plus, our 41 different Summit Academy Dragons teams practice their skills in soccer, football, cheerleading, cross-country and more.

3) The teachers at charter schools are not engaged.

Summit Academy has smaller class sizes and less red tape than other schools, which our teachers love! It’s easy to see that our faculty is passionate and talented, but the proof of this is in the facts. Summit Academy test scores are higher, on average, than other schools, and 100% of Summit Academy students are college accepted. We have our wonderful teachers to thank for our students’ successes!

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