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In medieval times, prospective craftsmen apprenticed under a master to learn a trade. With committed practice and discipline, the apprentice became a journeyman who earned his living in that field. Finally, after years of experience and the completion of an approved “masterpiece”, the journeyman could become a master in his craft. Those who achieved this status were eligible to belong to the guild of masters. They often had to pay a fee for the privilege of joining this elite community of artisans, but it was worth the price, because only the proven best, those considered to have mastered the gold standard of excellence, could belong to the guild.

The Lamplighter Guild for Creative Disciplines is a unique educational platform which inspires students to pursue creative excellence through a master and apprentice relationship reminiscent of the medieval guilds. Students from all over the world come to join a collaborative learning experience where they are mentored by world class professionals in story creation, script writing, stage and voice acting, digital music composition, sound design, photography, filmmaking, visual arts, and biblical theology. The Guild offers an unprecedented opportunity to learn from the creative minds who brought us exceptional dramatic audio productions such as Adventures in Odyssey, Left Behind, Lamplighter Theatre, Focus on the Family Radio Theatre, and the Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty.

The Guild welcomes a diverse range of ages and skill levels. Whether you are pursuing higher education and a career in a specific art field, you are already established in a craft and wish to develop your creative bent further, or you have only dreamed of discovering the gifts that may be locked inside you, the Guild can be a spring board to launch you to the next level.

Over 35 years ago, founder Mark Hamby had a vision to start a renaissance of creative excellence that would powerfully influence our culture in these days when the arts have been degraded to showcasing the depravity of human nature. At the heart of the Guild is the firm conviction that we were made in the image of God and endowed with gifts of creative expression that reflect and proclaim His divine nature. Not only that, but God desires and invites us to partner with Him in the work of re-creation and restoration that He is doing in the world! In light of this, we have the potential not merely to build on what has already been done, but to imagine and innovate and create things that have never been seen before!

Since the first Lamplighter Guild six years ago, hundreds of students from various stages and walks of life have discovered fresh passion, new purpose, and more definitive direction in their creative gifts and many other facets of their lives. Year after year, alumni testify that “you will never be the same!”

The sixth annual Lamplighter Guild will take place June 26 – July 1, 2016 in historic Mount Morris, New York, one mile from the Grand Canyon of the East. Our roster of master teachers includes Paul McCusker (Focus on the Family, Adventures in Odyssey), Bob Garner (legendary film producer for Disney and CBS), John Fornof (Lamplighter Theatre, the Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty), stage actor Patrick Powell (St. John in Exile), John Doryk (composer for Sight and Sound), and Lisa Mistiuk (BFA, studied in Germany). To learn more about the Guild and 2016 course details, check out our website at


Lamplighter Ministries is a non-profit organization dedicated to building Christ-like character, one story at a time. They publish rare books, produce audio dramas that are heard on 1800 radio stations around the world, and are expanding a unique educational model through the Lamplighter Guild. You can learn more at

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