101-2016-Mini’s 101 Things To Do This Summer list is chocked-full of educational and fun things to do.  Maybe your kids will be interested in some of the following–

1.  Make YOUR OWN list—what do you want to do this summer?  Go camping?  Swim weekly? Learn to ride a horse? Now share your list with your parents. Our list is great – but your list might be even better! (page 8)
2.  Choose a day – or two – and perform random acts of kindness. See how others respond. Browse Kindness Ideas, and share your stories as well. 
20.  Blow bubbles with bubble gum – have blowing contests with your siblings. You can even learn how to blow one bubble within another!
21.  Learn about bats – why they are important and why they are beneficial. Did you know that a bat can eat as many as 1,200 mosquitoes in an hour? Try building a bat house.
66.  Bake cookies on the dashboard of your car (with your parent’s permission, of course)! Learn the science behind this activity.
67.  Engage in an old fashioned sack or wheel barrow race.

Want to see the entire list?  It’s here

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Summer freebies can be found here.

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