5 Computer Skills Everyone Should Master

To be relevant in this digital age, it is absolutely necessary to have certain computer skills. They will not just come in handy for your career but they will be helpful in your daily life as well. In this regard, there are 5 computer skills everyone should master. With them, you will feel more confident and at ease at your place of work. Below is a list of the skills you should have on your fingertips at all times. Keep in mind that you do not have to be a genius; these are basic skills that are necessary in any office or home set up.

  1. Touch typing

Many people who have used computers for a long time have still not yet mastered the art of touch typing. It does not just make typing easier but it also helps to save time and increase accuracy. In addition, it allows you to use a keyboard optimally in a desired manner. The first thing to know about touch typing is that every finger is supposed to have an area in which it is based on the keyboard. In this regard, it is actually possible to type when you are not looking at every key. Through muscle memory, the fingers can learn how to touch the right key accurately. This will need a lot of practice though, so that you can master the skill.

To master touch typing, you must be in the right posture for optimal results. Your back must be kept straight at all times. In a right angle, your elbows must be bent ensuring that your fingers are properly anchored on the keyboard. Your head should be tilted forward with your face on the screen. Avoid shifting your body weight to the wrists so that you can be as flexible as possible while learning. For details on how to acquire this vital skill, visit Ratatype and get started. The good news is that you get a chance to take free typing tests as you gauge your progress with touch typing on the website.

  1. Word-processing

This skill is not just about typing but it covers many areas that should be mastered accordingly. You must be in a position to understand the features of a word processing program. It touches on knowing how to format documents as well as putting layouts together to achieve the desired results. Mail merges are also a big part of this skill and knowing how to do this effectively is ideal. For any program, it is absolutely necessary to know how to navigate around the spelling and grammar check functionality.

This way, you are able to create documents that are correct, well formatted and accurate; free from grammar errors. Some people do not do a thorough job with this skill and in this regard, there is need for more training so that mastery can be achieved. Among other programs WordPerfect, Microsoft Word and Apple Pages are common word-processors.

  1. Spreadsheet

This is yet another program that needs to be mastered accordingly. Unlike what many think, it is not just about entering some data into different cells. The skill is also about understanding how data works and how it can be interpreted to make sense. In addition, it is also about manipulating data so that it can serve a given purpose. In this regard, understanding formulas and functions therein will be critical. Knowing how to copy and paste different data while transferring is also important. This is a wholesome skill that has a lot of depth. Some of the most common software applications include Apple Numbers, Quattro Pro and Microsoft Excel. Therefore, if you just know a few elements, it is time to learn and master the skill wholesomely.

  1. Email

Most people use email but not many have explored the depth of emailing and the functionalities therein. It is not just about typing because there is so much to learn. First, you must know how to set up an email account as well as troubleshooting various errors that may arise. Email etiquette is another element that plays a key role in distinguishing those who have mastered the skill and those who have not. There are a ton of features like auto-reply and other rules that should be understood. You will be surprised about how much more there is to email and getting this skill is not just helpful but it is a lot of fun as well. Email applications include Apple Mail, Web-mail, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express among others.

  1. Internet

Going to Facebook and other social media sites does not make you an expert on Internet usage. This is an important skill that touches on a world of elements that should be mastered. With this skill, you will learn how to conduct effective and relevant searches. Another element is how to uphold safety on the Internet where you can avoid vices like viruses and online scams. Uploading and downloading different items and saving them online is another area that is highly important. Browsing applications that help implement this skill include Firefox, Apple Safari and Internet Explorer.

These are 5 basic computer skills; they are pivotal in having a fruitful experience with your device. When you have mastered all the above, you are able to become a highly productive person in your work or in any other area of life.


Bio – My name is Adam Fort, I’m an education strategist at This project helps children and adults to learn touch typing via online typing tests and lessons. I am in charge of developing the proper typing lessons and exercises for typists who want to improve their typing speed. I also have a commercial pilot’s licence which I’m proud of.


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