5 Ways Stay At Home Parents Can Make Money For Kid’s College

The days of bake sales for school fundraisers are fading fast into the sunset and this is just pocket change compared to the high cost of a college education. According to some sources, the average cost of a higher education can easily top $30,000 per year in some cases and those figures are rising annually.

For stay at home parents, in many instances there’s time between changing diapers, making meals and doing laundry to make some extra money at home. This extra cash can then be invested or put into long-term savings plans to send our kids off to college one day in the future. Take a look at these five ways to make some money on the side inside of our own homes:


While many people are turning to blogging these days to earn extra money on the internet, what proprietors of those free websites that host these posts don’t tell you is how difficult it can be to build an online audience in order to get paid through advertisers or other venues. There are some places that legitimately pay authors for their work, take BlogMutt for example.

On the surface, it doesn’t seem like they pay that much, $8 per small piece (250 words), but if once you get the hang of it and work your way up to higher levels that pay more for lengthier articles, writing two or three articles per day can net $25 or more, which can add up quickly over the course of time.


While many people are investing in things that are likely to grow in value over time, like gold for example, other commodities like diamonds are often overlooked. The rising cost of this precious gem grows around 7% annually in the United States and even more in other countries. Thanks to our nation’s love affair with all things retro, even costume jewelry has increased in value over time.


Thanks to the internet, garage sales are directly competing with online sales venues like Ebay. If you’re considering this avenue, be sure to find a niche like kid’s clothes, toys and games. This way you can turn your children’s cast-aways into cash. It may take a while to build an online clientele, but it’s worth the wait and a bigger payoff in the long run.


The world is full of people who have turned their hobbies or artistic endeavors into extra cash, and in some cases big business. Do you have an artistic side or hobby that you could be selling? Everything from building bird houses to painting water colors on canvas, anything is fair game and can come with a price tag at the end of the project.


Since you’re already homeschooling your own children, during your off hours you could be tutoring other kids on the internet at sites like or inviting local students into your home for some one-on-one learning time. You could concentrate on a specific field of tutoring like prepping high schoolers for the SAT’s or list yourself as a general tutor for elementary children. That’s up to you and your specific expertise.

Wherever your talents lie, outside of being an outstanding parent, use your special skills to enrich your children’s future lives by earning extra money towards their college education. As the old adage goes, if you’re doing something you truly enjoy and earning cash at the same time, you’ll never work a day in your life.


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