This is a guest blog post from ACTÍVA Products.  The company is offering a special discount of 20% to readers. Please use the discount code HS1 at checkout.


ACTÍVA Products make art lessons fun with our wide range of easy to use products and quik sculpt starter kits. Including art as part of your child’s homeschool education offers a variety of opportunities.

How Art can benefit your child

  • The activity of creating art can help fine motor skills develop, especially in young children.
  • Language development is assisted through art. Simply talking about colors, shapes and what you are creating help children learn new words and express their own ideas.
  • Deciding what to create as an art project and describing how it will be made helps with decision making and problem solving. By choosing different materials the child becomes aware that they are being allowed to explore their own inventiveness.
  • Art and history work well together and art projects are a fun way for children to learn about different cultures, artists and ancient civilizations.

ACTÍVA Products specializes in providing a wide range of art and craft materials for use in art lessons. All of our products are non toxic and wheat and gluten free.

We also have crafts projects  and lesson plans to follow and print off from our website.

A couple of our most popular products along with art project ideas are available in fun kits for you to try!

CelluClay is an instant paper mache clay, just add water and it’s ready to use.

Rigid Wrap plaster cloth is perfect for making many projects, covering an armature and providing a smooth finish.

The Camp Crafters Quik Sculpt Kit is a simple craft kit that gives children the chance to work with paper mache. This Paper Mache kit contains: 2lbs of White CelluClay Paper Mache & Complete Instructions for 12 Projects.

The Quik Sculpt Science kit contains two 4” rolls of Rigid Wrap plus 8oz of CelluClay Instant Papier Mache and complete instructions for 12 fun filled projects!

ACTÍVA also offer a selection of air dry clay, molding materials and colored sand. To browse our product range visit

We are offering a special discount of 20% off both kits for you to try our products. Please use the discount code HS1 at checkout.



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