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This is a guest blog post from Alpha Omega Publications.

4 Ways to Spark Your Child’s Interest in Daily Devotions

With so many activities and gadgets vying for your child’s attention, sparking her interest in daily devotions can be a challenge. Discover four Bible study strategies that help parents instill a lifelong passion for learning God’s Word within their children.

  1. Make devotions a lifestyle.

Begin holding family Bible studies the day your child is born. Sure, those early weeks are exhausting, but the sooner you incorporate devotions into your new schedule the easier it’ll be to maintain the routine. By the time your child is able to participate, he will have an excellent in-home example of the importance of spending time in God’s Word.

  1. Pray for guidance.

Each time you open God’s Word, take a moment to ask Him for guidance and understanding as you study. Before, during, and after devotions are great times to join hands and ask God to help your family put the things you learn into practice throughout the homeschool day.

  1. Ask for a recap.

Take an interest in what your child is learning in Sunday school or confirmation by discussing the lessons after class. Knowing that you’ll ask and that you’re genuinely interested provides extra incentive for her to concentrate and retain key points.

  1. Eliminate distractions.

We’ve all heard (and likely given) this bit of advice a thousand times: Turn off the TV and put the cell phones away! Obvious as this tip seems, it’s easy to get caught up in waiting for an important phone call or leaving the TV on in the next room while you’re scrambling to squeeze in devotions before bedtime. The whole family is likely to get more from your study if you take a few extra seconds to unplug from technology before you begin.


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