Parent, Teacher, Giver of Knowledge – Ready to make learning fun again?

This is a guest blog post from MyEduCrate.


MyEduCrate seeks to provide children diverse opportunities that promote creativity, innovation, exploration and the motivation needed to continue to grow as a learner. The MyEduCrate team works with parents and the community to share our expertise in developing your child’s skill set and provide advice that fosters learning outside the classroom in ways that will have your child excited about learning.

As parents and teachers we have spent over 30 years combined designing lessons and activities to best meet the needs of our students. Our areas of expertise include; a B.A. in Elementary Education, an M.E. in Curriculum Instruction and Technology Integration, Human Resources and Educational Psychology, Certified k-6, ESOL endorsed and Gifted Certified. Teaching is a robust profession with tons of opportunities to share our passion with you.

We understand that each child is unique and we commend you for choosing an alternative path to educating your child! We at MyEduCrate can help parents provide more authentic hands on learning experiences that will support and inspire your child in a FUN way.

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