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Summer Fun – Explore A Castle of Light

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For as long as we’ve had children, (over 18 years now), and certainly before we homeschooled, we visited museums, national parks and historic landmarks as part of our summer vacation. This year, we plan to visit St. Augustine. St. Augustine, the oldest city in the United States is rich in history. We want to see the old fort with its cannons and catapults and we want to see the St. Augustine Lighthouse.

You may not live near St. Augustine, but odds are, there is a lighthouse within your driving distance. says there are 680 remaining lighthouses in the United States. The oldest being The Sandy Hook Lighthouse in New Jersey that was built in 1764.

I visited a lighthouse with a group of friends when I was a teenager.

I remember the winding stairs that led to the top. Lighthouses are castles of light. They are sturdy fortresses that are built to last. They house the brave light that protects sailors at sea.

Why not set out on an adventure to explore a castle of light this summer? Here are a few websites to help you find one near you:

Before you go, why not read a story about a lighthouse keeper, or his child, or his dog?

When you choose the lighthouse you want to visit, pack a blanket and picnic lunch to enjoy while you’re there. Also, bring along a notebook, pen and colored pencils so you can write your own story about the lighthouse. What would your day and night be like if you were the lighthouse keeper? How would you feel if you were the captain of a ship lost at sea and then you saw the light? Draw a picture of the lighthouse. Write a poem about it.When you get home or later on that week, make your own working lighthouse

I hope you are inspired to learn more about lighthouses, and I hope you will get to explore a castle of light this summer.


Mechelle Ritchie Foster is a homeschool mom from Florida. She has been married to her husband, Grant for 23 wonderful years and has been blessed with two children: daughter, Morgan (18) and son, Zach (12). Her hobbies include: writing, photography, singing, going to the movies and not cooking. She uses her kitchen as a science lab. You can follow her at her blog, Life As I See It, at Follow her at twitter- Follow her on Facebook-


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