Homeschooling at the Beach

15 July 4:00 am
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Homeschooling at the Beach

Before you go, you might want to make a Tic -Tac Towel  (#69 on’s Great Summer Resource: 101 Things To Do This Summer list)!


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One of my favorite places to be is at the beach and in the summer it’s the best place to homeschool in my opinion! Having the kids out in the fresh air, bringing a picnic lunch along and enjoying a day in the sun will brighten everyone’s day!

I am planning to spend a few days with my kiddos at the beach this summer, so I’m sharing my top 10 ideas and topics to use in homeschooling at the beach!

1. Tides

  • Spend time studying low and high tides before you visit the beach.
  • Plan a few trips to the beach so that your kids can see the difference between the tides.

2. Currents

  • Use this topic for your kids’ safety and education.
  • Research and discuss currents, the need to always pay attention to how far from land you are and what the water is doing around you.

3. Tide Pools

  • Your kids will find lots of life in tide pools, allow them to inspect and discuss all they see and touch while they’re there.
  • Have them document and take pictures of the things they see for future research.

4. Sand

  • Study what sand is made of and what sand does to glass, shells, etc.
  • Search for sea glass, rocks and shells that have been changed by sand.

5. Plant and Animal Life

  • From sea weed to crabs, and sea stars to jellyfish, life in and around the beach lends itself to enjoyment and study.
  • Drawing pictures of the animals and plants they’ve seen is a great way to incorporate art into your homeschooling day at the beach.

6. Erosion

  • Have your students research the causes and effects of erosion.
  • Take a walk on one of your beach trips and teach them how to identify the erosion around them.

7. Architecture

  • Have your children research castles, moats and bridges prior to your beach trips (#95 on’s 101 Things To Do This Summer list!).
  • Bring along square, circular and shaped containers, buckets, shovels, etc. to create their own piece of architecture in a sand castle.

8. Litter/Pollution

  • Discuss how we handle trash around our home and why we do it that way.
  • Teach kids that we need to have the same attitude about garbage when we’re at the beach.
  • Bring along a trash bag and gloves, have the kids pick up litter on one of your trips this summer.

9. Photography

  • Bring a camera on all of your trips and have your kids capture their architecture lesson, tidal studies, and more (# 44 on’s 101 Things To Do This Summer list)!
  • Teach them to love documenting their lives and studies through photography!

10. Journal, Lapbook, Scrapbook and Report

  • At the end of summer grab your supplies of choice for any of the above and take one last trip to the beach.
  • While you’re there have your students spend some time beginning to create lasting memories of their summer at the beach and all they have learned through your homeschooling days at the beach.

Ensure that you spend some time enjoying the sun and the beach just for fun too! Don’t make all your trips to the beach about studying or your kids might not want to go anymore. Learning at the beach needs to be filled with fun times all along the way!


Written by Misty Leask

From Beautiful Ashes and Year Round Homeschooling

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