Rosemarie Pagano, a reader writes  –

I have a biology/microbiology background.  I wrote feature articles for a local newspaper in Chicago and created my character, Robin Bird, for a novel I wanted to write.  The novel just didn’t come together so, one day, I gave Robin Bird an assignment to write about worms.  That started a great relationship.  Robin Bird Explorer makes learning science fun and easy to understand.  I’ve now written 4 eBooks  all about worms (if  you scroll down on the linked page, you;ll see them) and I’ve just completed an online course A Different Kind of Bible Study: Exploring the Animals in Proverbs 30. I also have a weekly email newsletter of FAB VOCAB Words that Robin Bird Word N.E.R.D. (nearly every day reading dictionaries) has handpicked from a huge red Webster.  I love writing about science, language arts, and Bible Studies and Robin Bird enjoys teaching these subjects to middle graders.



We checked out her site and it looks really interesting.  You can too, at


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