Fat Brain Toys has created a new collection of toys, games and books.  This collection, Mind & Body, focuses on bringing together products that help children become mindful, control emotions, strengthen muscles, eat healthy and make good decisions.

Senior buyer for Fat Brain Toys, Cathy Adcock, explains: “In creating the assortment for Mind & Body I was looking for products that would support the development of emotional intelligence, self awareness, empathy and physical health.”

Carol Franksen, Ecommerce Store Manager for Fat Brain Toys, has this to say about why Fat Brain Toys stood behind the curation of this new collection, “As a company whose mission is to provide “a smarter way to play”, I believe it’s important to explore and understand all of the opportunities we have to influence our brain development through play. While logic and problem-solving are important to developing IQ, we are understanding more and more about the interconnections of the brain and body and its impact on learning. Exercise, nutrition, social and emotional skills and even healthy sleep habits are all important in helping to keep our brains functioning at an optimal level. This new collection allows us to share a number of books, toys and games with parents, educators and therapists that can assist in helping kids of all ages develop higher emotional intelligence.”

You can find out more about the new Mind & Body collection on the Fat Brain Toys blog and also on the main Mind & Body page.

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