Have you heard?’s Back to Homeschool Resource Awards have published!

Would you like to see some of the companies/websites/resources that made the list?  Here are just a few:


  • 7 Generation Games creates video games that combine math, history and adventure gaming. Students can play adventure games and improve test scores. The company also provides supplemental resources on both math and Native American culture for educators, which include movies, PowerPoint presentations, vetted links, curated historical photos, clip art and more.
  • Your children (and your entire family) can improve your reading (and your overall general knowledge) with AceReader.  The program helps students break the barrier of reading one word at a time so they can get through more material in less time with good comprehension.  Students often discover after using AceReader that reading no longer feels like work – that reading can be fun.  With 13 levels to choose from, it’s ideal for everyone in the family.  AceReader has been used by K12 schools, community colleges, the military, and homeschools for over a decade.  You can try the AceReader Family Edition and save 10% with promo code HS0716.
  • AmericanLearningLibrary  is the Elementary and Middle School division of Atlantic Europe Publishing. They have produced and published highly illustrated, full-color text books and reference books for schools and libraries throughout the world for nearly 30 years.  There are a ton of homeschooling resources including 800+ Elementary/Middle School information and (text)books, 1000’s of teacher’s resources and multimedia/video options as well as a special dedicated section with books and resources on every state.  You can see sample books and download their brochure on the home page. You can  use the search information for free (you simply have to register), and move on to a subscription for 10¢ a day if and when you are ready.


Would you like to see more companies that made our Back to Homeschool Awards list?  You can – just click on this link.

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