The AceReader Family Edition is a powerful web application designed to assess, improve and monitor reading speed, fluency and comprehension for the your family and your homeschooling needs.

This version of AceReader is based on the Education Edition used by schools, but streamlined and focused to support 2 to 8 people. This gives you and your family the opportunity to train with the same features offered to schools, including a simple to use administrative parent account to manage and monitor your family’s progress.

AceReader is not a “how to read” program, rather a “how to read better” program

It includes a wide variety of leveled and themed reading comprehension tests, eye pacing drills and fun eye exercise games.

Who Needs AceReader?

  • Anyone at any age who wants to improve their reading skills, including children, adults and professionals.
  • AceReader helps you break two major bad habits:
    • Subvocalization (pronouncing the words in your mind while you read).
    • Re-Reading/Regression (letting your eyes wander back to re-read text).
  • AceReader will also help you:
    • Reduce Your Eye Fixation Time (time spent when your eyes are focused on a single point).
    • Expand Your Eye Fixation Zone (ability to read a wider text width when your eyes are focused on a single point).
    • Increase Your Re-Fixation Speed (ability to reposition your eyes at a rapid rate).
  • Ultimately, AceReader helps you read faster with greater comprehension.

What can you expect?

You will participate in reading activities consisting of timed reading comprehension tests, eye pacing drills and a variety of eye exercise games. Automated self-adjusting courses make the program very simple to use. Typically you will spend 15 minutes using the program two to three times per week.

AceReader comes with over 900 themed and leveled reading comprehension tests. You will read interesting educational material and learn new vocabulary as you improve your reading speeds, comprehension and fluency. The company understands that it’s not about reading speed, but instead it’s about reading comprehension, so that’s why all the training activities are tied to how well you perform in the timed and leveled reading comprehension tests.

Develop a love for reading.

Join the ranks of many customers who have more than doubled their reading speeds with good comprehension. Even if you improve just a small fraction, you can easily save 10 to 20 minutes per hour of reading, which can quickly add up to saving you hours each week. That’s realistic, exciting and well worth your time and effort.

Your success with AceReader goes beyond just good reading skills, since you will also become a better and more efficient learner. Our aim is not only to improve your reading skills, but to teach you to “enjoy” the process of reading and learning.

Device Independent!

AceReader runs in any modern browser, such as Chrome, Edge, IE11+, FireFox 40+, Safari or Amazon Silk.

You can use AceReader on Windows and Macintosh computers, as well as iPads, Android tablets, Amazon Kindle Fire (OS 5) tables, and a growing variety of mobile devices.

AceReader is in the cloud.  

AceReader is a cloud service, accessible from anywhere on any device.

There is no software or app to install and it can be accessed from any desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device over the web using a browser.

Simply login to perform automated self-adjusting courses, or manually select from a wide variety of reading assessment and improvement activities.

Free updates and support via email and toll-free phone.

No Risk — 100% Satisfaction 30-Day Money Back Guarantee 

Get AceReader Family Edition, the same product chosen by hundreds of schools to improve your family’s reading skills.

Starting at only $59 per year for 2 users, your family can begin using AceReader today.

Plus, the company offers a 100% satisfaction 30-day money back guarantee.

AceReader Family Edition  

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