Free Homeschool Curriculum and Educational Resources

There are many parents who want to give homeschooling a try, but they don’t have the money to be pay for pricey curricula. Thanks to the internet, they no longer have to worry about the money involved, as there are plenty of free resources available online. Here are some of the best picks out there, for all the core subjects:


Arcademic Skill Builders: If you have kids who love their video games, this site can help you combine that love with learning. There’s a huge choice of games available to help your kids solidify their math lessons, such as ‘Division Derby’ and ‘Integer Warp’. You can even pick games based on grade level or specific skills that you want to practice.

Math Drills Lite: This simple app can offer a lot to young learners. Using the touch screen interface, they can solve many math problems on their phone.

“It even offers an option for working out problems with fingers or wooden blocks, to help kids visualize how they’ll get the answer to a question,” says Gloria Kopp, homeschooling mom from Studydemic.


Free Rice English Grammar: This site tests your kid’s grasp of English grammar, and every time they get a question right, the site donates ten grains of rice to those in need. They’ll want to do better in order to add more to the bowl that’s displayed on the side of the screen.


Scratch: This programming language is easy to learn and free to use. Your kids can use it to create all kinds of things, including cartoons, games and music. You can use it on it’s own to teach computer science, or in conjunction with other subjects to combine the two.

“Why not have your kids create a story about the birds you’re studying, or an animation showing how rivers work? It’ll be so fun they won’t realize they’re learning at all,” says Carol Wise, educational expert from the Write My Essay website.

Kid’s Astronomy: If your kid is already crazy about everything space related, steer them towards this website. It offers lots of resources on everything to do with planets, galaxies, and the solar system. It’s designed with education in mind, so there’s free online classes they can attend, as well as information for you as their educator.

Weather Unit: This resource, aimed at kids aged 6-9, covers almost everything you want to know about the weather. This includes water cycles, seasons, temperature, and more. It’s full of downloadable resources that you can print off and work on together.

These are just a few examples of what’s available online. Try these resources out, and have a look around. You’ll find lots of things that can work with your kids ages, skill levels and personal interests. It’s easier and cheaper to homeschool now than it’s ever been.

Mary Walton is a homeschooling mom currently living in Santa Monica. She studied in Australia and taught English in Cambodia. You can read her educational blog Simple Grad and/or follow Mary on Twitter and Linkedin!

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