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5 October 4:00 am
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Unique new program alert!  We’ve all heard the importance of teaching children how to “bounce back” from tough times, but it is difficult to find ready-to-use programs for parents and educators to help teach these skills.  Now, the House of NUBS, a non-profit known around the world for its adorable, true stories of rescued animals, is bringing its popular program to the homeschooling community!  The Wings Up™ Resiliency Building Program is an easy to use, psycho-educational tool for educators, parents, and child care professionals to promote resiliency in children grades 1 – 4 (ages 6 – 11).

The House of NUBS ( is a 501c3 non-profit organization, with the mission of promoting resiliency through the inspirational stories of rescued animals who have bravely given life a second chance.  NUBS developed Wings Up™ because they consider resiliency-building to be a serious gap in childhood education.  Resiliency building has been discussed in the scientific literature since the mid-1980’s, yet is still not a regular part of most school curriculums. Every child is at risk to experience a potential trauma in life, yet little in their current education prepares them specifically to weather these storms.  Resiliency has been proven to be a skill that can be taught and developed, just like reading and writing, with grade school age being the ideal time to introduce these concepts.  The Wings Up™ Resiliency Building Program is designed to educate grade school age children preventatively, as well as provide a useful tool to children who have already experienced a trauma. They are beneficial for children of all backgrounds, as all children can use support in building a resilient core.  By relating the real-life stories of actual rescued animals in a manner that is attractive to children, NUBS has discovered a unique way to deliver resiliency building that is both entertaining and educational.

The Wings Up Resiliency Building Program includes three children’s books (Nubs: A Little Bird with a Big Story, Remy: A Little Bird with a Big Imagination, and Miles:  A Little Dog with an Eye for Friendship), two activity workbooks with parent-guided activities, and free YouTube videos to support resilience.  Each workbook contains 8 activities, and illustrated coloring pages. Wings Up activities are designed to be used one day or one week at a time. The program promotes adult/ child interaction and utilizes coloring, storytelling and more. Videos featuring the birds and animals of the House of Nubs are available on the House of Nubs YouTube Channel.  NUBS encourages using these videos to create a real-life connection to the stories to these animals. Where applicable, the Common Core State Standard that best fits the activity for Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening, and/or Language has been listed.

“Our books are popular with children because they are true stories with real happy endings.  But what they don’t realize is that each book actually deals with a different attribute needed for resilience to adversity,” NUBS founder Kristin Ludwig said. “Resiliency training provides the coping skills to handle life’s misfortunes so that an individual may continue to live a good, functioning life. Everyone can benefit from resiliency training, but it is not widely taught today.  NUBS is trying to fill that gap.”

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About NUBS:  NUBS (No Unwanted BirdS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit social welfare organization. The mission of NUBS is to promote resiliency in children through the inspirational stories of animals who have bravely given life a second chance.  The NUBS organization produces educational resiliency-building books and tools, which have been distributed throughout the world.  NUBS also hosts live events and visits libraries, schools, and group foster homes.  Fans follow the daily journey of the animals in the “House of Nubs” through the popular Nubs Facebook Page, the House of Nubs Web Series on YouTube, and at

About Our Founder:  Kristin Ludwig, a life-long animal advocate, has been rehabilitating and training animals for therapy work with children since 2009. Kristin Ludwig started the House of Nubs to care for abused animals. She added the resiliency program after saving a one-legged parakeet named Nubs from an animal hoarder.  When sharing Nubs’ rescue story with children at a local group foster home, to Ludwig’s surprise, the foster children began to use the bird’s story as a way to process their own traumatic experiences.

Today, the NUBS team includes educators, writers, social workers, and marketers, all aiming to make resiliency training more common among all children.


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