Buncee – Your New Favorite Creative Education App, Perfect for Thanksgiving!

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Getting ready for Thanksgiving? Then you’re going to want to download our iPad app, Buncee for Education!

This free app is an ideal mobile tool for creative education, online or offline, at home or on the go. Mirroring much of’s web creation functionalities, the app’s slide-based digital canvas lets you and your children design creative projects by combining themed backgrounds, fun stickers, frames, photos, text, and even audio recordings.

Every adult and student adds their own spark to their buncee creations, and with so much media at your fingertips, the possibilities for creation are endless. With our app, educators and their students can create digital stories, presentations, event invites and dozens of other fun, creative projects!

Here are just a few ways Buncee for Education can help add a bit of fun to your education this Thanksgiving:

Get your children excited to learn about Thanksgiving by hosting an educational field trip with friends!

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Get those creative juices flowing with cognitive weekend activities! Have your children and students create a buncee about their favorite Thanksgiving traditions.



Ask the kids to take their friends on a Thanksgiving adventure. Challenge the students to visually illustrate a Thanksgiving tale on buncee and to narrate it with their own audio recordings. Better yet, have them leverage the app’s creative tools to author, illustrate and narrate their own digital stories.



Scrapbook the evening’s festivities with personal photos, recordings, memories, and more!



There are so many quick, fun, and easy ways that our free iPad app can help engage your kids this fall. And when you find yourself beaming with pride over your childrens’ creations, or you want to collaborate with other homeschoolers, you can easily share these buncees via email, social media, or even publish them on When you log into your web account, all your iPad creations will be stored right alongside the buncees you created on the web. Now that’s creation and presentation simplified!

With our web and mobile digital canvas, we aim to provide the best tool for you and your students to strengthen creative skills, communication skills, to learn, and to have fun.

Happy Thanksgiving!




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