The new book, ‘Christmas Reindeer Food’ is no ordinary children’s book. Steeped in multicultural lessons and reflections, the story transposes to the real world with the inclusion of ten fun and tangible STEAM activities!

Here’s a Synopsis:

On a cold winter day, while looking out the window, 8-year-old Honey becomes curious about how reindeer fly. She tells her father she doesn’t understand how animals (other than birds) can fly, and he tells her she’ll discover the secret if she uses her imagination. Honey’s curiosity turns into fear, as she begins to worry about the reindeer traveling to all the homes in the world on Christmas Eve. “What if the reindeer get hungry on the way and they need more food to finish deliveries? What if the snow is too heavy and the reindeer can’t see our home? What if…” To calm her down, Honey’s mother shows her how to mix special ingredients together for a festive Reindeer Treat to guide them! And now Honey is ready to share her secret with your children through a STEAM activity included in the book, along with other activities for educational holiday fun.

“I wanted to write something that retained all of the hallmarks that young children crave, while breaking new ground with a book that will positively affect the lives of all young readers,” explains author Nicole Antoinette. “Children will embroil themselves in boundless imagination, cultural empathy and the unique topic of STEAM – the latest and most important integrative educational concept of the last century. And at the end of it, they’ll be able to use their skills as they embark on a series of real world, STEAM-inspired activities. Also, it’s no accident that Honey is a bi-racial heroine; in fact, she’s my real-world niece! Her beautiful life is a microcosm of today’s world, as almost every child either embodies or embraces multicultural facets and I felt it was time this was properly represented. When you fuse all of this with science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics – it’s a reading experience unlike anything else out there!”

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About the Author:

As a book publisher and author, Nicole Antoinette owns and manages Faith Books & MORE Publishing. She is well known for her leading efforts to publish work by multicultural writers. She believes writers have an obligation to preserve their thoughts, experiences, creativity, and most importantly, their faith in print, as well as through other forms of media. To date, Nicole Antoinette has published seven of her books, with over twenty books in various forms of the writing and publishing process.  She earned a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems from Missouri State University and Bachelor of Business Administration with dual majors in Management Information Systems and Marketing while playing basketball on a scholarship at Ohio University. Nicole taught graduate level courses as an Adjunct Professor at Keller Graduate School of Management.

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