Homeschool mom Amanda explores educational comic books that illustrate concepts about the human body.

These books are deceiving in an awesome way. They look like comic books, but they are jam-packed with a TON of science lessons. This manga-inspired science book series brings visual learners on an exciting adventure through the human body, making pit spots for fun learning opportunities.

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This is the perfect science book for visual learners or those who struggle with reading comprehension.

What is manga?

If you are unfamiliar with manga, it’s essentially a comic book hailing from Japan. This series retains the same traditional art style you find in manga or anime but is fully translated to English and reads left to right. I’ve loved manga since I was in school, so I was very excited to share these with my kids! I should note, readers don’t have to be a manga-enthusiast to love these educational comic books.

About the Science Books

This isn’t a boring textbook read but is an illustrated story in full, vibrant color that follows the travels of a young boy, Geo, and the genius scientist, Dr. Brain, throughout the insides of the human body. Aside from their educational value, the books themselves present highly detailed and accurate imagery that fit perfectly with a humorous plot that continues from volume to volume.

Titles in the series:

Given its presentation, I would definitely recommend this series to those children who have a lack of desire to sit and learn new science material.


Sometimes, it can be a challenge to get kids to want to read anything, but it’s hard to not be attracted to these books. It’s a comic after all! I thoroughly enjoyed each book myself, even though I’m an adult.

Benefits for Visual Learners

Visual learners will pick these books off a bookshelf in a snap because they look like comic books, not textbooks. But, they still have a TON of information. Once you flip through the pages, you see that science topics are perfectly presented in a colorful way.

The real benefit of a science book presented in comic form is this: It is the perfect science book for visual learners or those who struggle with reading comprehension.

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I can attest to this because I am a visual learner myself. The imagery included in these books will make word association easy and intuitive, even with the most complex concepts or terms used. It’s best suited for intermediate readers (around the age of 8 or older), but even those without strong vocabulary skills can relate to what is happening and why in the story.

Throughout the story, you will be introduced to scientific terminology that will be reinforced during the reading adventure. If your child is curious about something they didn’t quite understand or get, it’s easy enough to just reference the index and return to the parts of the story that mentioned that topic.

Science Lessons

After introducing the characters and setting, the reader learns about many of the body’s inner workings. The material itself takes a top-down approach as more and more information is revealed to slowly strengthen understanding of how each part makes the system a whole. The series also answers the “why?” as each piece of information comes together to form a bigger picture.

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The things that happen or are explained earlier in one book are revisited later in the story to create a strong relation between cause and effect with the body’s different systems. Seeing how memorization is a large part of understanding with life sciences (at least I believe so), the reinforcement the books present do an excellent job in helping the reader retain that information.

The books themselves are not an end-all be-all on studies pertaining to the body. What they are, though, are extremely enjoyable and full of scientific information. Not only should they be thought of as a classroom supplement for science studies, but they are also very well suited for reading as entertainment. They are a perfect fit for something like quiet reading time, just before bed (they are story books), or any time and place for reading enjoyment, really.

Here’s the Gist

I would absolutely love to see more educational comic books on bookshelves at schools or in the local library. They are very well-priced for the value they give as an educational tool wrapped into a fun package.

Did I mention that the facts and content were reviewed by real medical doctors for accuracy and clarity? It’s nice to know that you can trust the science material you are getting.

I recommend you pick up the first book in the series and look into Geo’s wild ride to…Survive! Inside the Human Body.

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