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Vibrant, rhyming books where great choices are made!

While thousands of new children’s books are released each year, few are written with the direct intention of helping young readers identify and embrace life’s good choices. Author Katie Mullaly is doing just that with her new series, the Land of … Children’s Books™.’  Katie states, “It’s all about helping children make the best choices and pick the best options for any particular situation, but learning to do it in a way that just seems like fun! Each story leaves readers with a useful set of ‘life tools’ that will stay with them for decades.”

The first book is the Land of OR, and it helps kids “explore the Canyon of WHY, cross the Stream of IF Then, and take other important steps to learn to choose the very Best Option for them!”

The book gets great reviews:

The Land of OR is a piece of literary art, both in its message and illustrations. Katie Mullaly does a wonderful job of teaching how to make good choices while weaving the tale into a rhyming masterpiece. Review

This story will help all those who read it understand the importance of making good choices. The beautiful illustrations and entertaining rhymes will draw you in as you travel along with some amazing characters. It is a “must have” for your book collection. After reading this book you will want to check out Mullaly’s second in the series: “The Land of And”. Great start to a fun series of reading and learning. Review

The second book is the Land of AND and the third book which is about to be released is the Land of I AM.  The books are for ages 5 through 10, but intended for everyone!

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