12 Days of Christmas Kindness – A Family Tradition

Written by Jordyn C.12-days-300x212


Our favorite Christmas tradition started a few years ago….I was in Red Robin with my kids after an exhausting day of errands and Christmas pictures. We had just finished dinner and were waiting for the check when the waitress came and told us that an older couple in the next booth had paid for our dinner. I was overwhelmed, these two amazing people had blessed our day in the most wonderful way.

I didn’t realize the impact that it made on my kids until about a week later when we had stopped at a fast food restaurant for lunch. We had finished lunch and my daughter went up to the counter and handed the clerk her very own twenty dollar bill and told him that she wanted to buy the next family lunch. I was almost in tears and so proud of her. On the way home we all brainstormed ways that we could bless someone’s day and that is how the 12 Days of Christmas Kindness started.

Every year beginning on December 13th we do a random act of kindness a day for at least one person. The kids brainstorm all year long and we add ideas to our kindness notebook. Each day we pick at least one thing from the notebook to do for someone else.

Some our favorite ones are:

·         Take cookies to the fire station for the firefighters

·         Leave a basket of goodies on a neighbors door step

·         Buy lunch for someone else

·         Hand microwave popcorn to the people in line at the Red Box

·         Leave a carwash gift certificate on a dirty car

·         Rake a neighbor’s leaves when they aren’t home

·         Take goodies to the librarians

·         Put sticky notes on bathroom mirrors with positive messages (e.g. You are amazing!)

·         Buy someone a tank of gas

·         Send dessert to someone at another table in a restaurant

·         Buy hot cocoa for the Salvation Army bell ringer

We put our favorite ideas in a jar and each morning we pull one out and that is our mission for the day. Our kids love this and get excited every morning to see what act of kindness we will do that day.  It so heartwarming to see my kids get excited about blessing somebody’s day.  I wish I could thank that couple, they didn’t just buy us lunch that day, they made an impression on my kids that will last the rest of their lives.


Jordyn C. is a homeschooling mom of 6 and Supermom in training.  She writes, “I am trying to do it all, and most days failing miserably”.  Follow her adventures (and misadventures) at


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