How can you improve your child’s vocabulary?  You might consider crossword puzzles. Crossword puzzles are a particularly effective learning tool because they are an active learning activity that engages your student in both a fun/challenging way.

The book shown above, the 4th Grade Vocabulary Building Crossword Puzzles, written by Todd Elzey contains 36 puzzles that present 1,008 unique vocabulary words that are nationally recognized as important for reading comprehension for 4th graders.

The book can help your student:

  • Master 4th grade vocabulary words that are nationally recommended for reading success
  • Develop reasoning skills
  • Improve spelling and dictionary use skills
  • Develop word attack skills
  • Improve the ability to tell the difference between similar words
  • Learn how to make inferences, evaluate choices, and draw conclusions

4th Grade Vocabulary Building Crossword Puzzles is available at Amazon at as well as at

Want a crossword puzzle book for yourself?  Check out Take a Break Crossword Puzzles, from the same author.



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