‘Growing Up, Poetry’, written by Jennelle L. White

When you’re young the world seems new. Growing Up, Poetry is about a collection of poems that captures that Spirit of Youth. Seeing the world through youthful eyes. When grown you can reflect back on memories of times gone by. Times with family and friends. Growing Up, Poetry are poems that everyone can enjoy for years to come.

From the author – “The over-riding message with this book is for young people – with verses covering animals, seasons, stars, nature and saving the environment. We need to respect the world around us and excel in all we do, and it’s this message I impart on 2-6-year-olds – as well as many adults reading it after their little ones have gone to bed!”


The verses and pictures are cute and whimsical – this hard cover book is a wonderful introduction to poetry for little ones.  This is a very good quality book.  You’ll have it in your homeschool library for years to come.

You can purchase ‘Growing Up, Poetry’ at


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