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7 December 4:00 am
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The Picaresque of Ímagine Purple books (that’s the author in the top photo) are entertaining, they’re educational, and they have a Christian focus.

Entertaining: The books encourage young people ages 10+ to follow the stepping stones to their own path: Have Fun. Get Smarter. Although reading books is naturally slower than playing electronic games or watching action films, it does allow the reader time to use his imagination to create new worlds and solve dilemmas. As a teacher and amateur sleuth, Ímagine knows flash answers rarely come by accident. So, she looks for details other people have missed, pulverizes them into facts, and determines which are true clues. After mulling over these, she looks to see if they form a logical solution to a dilemma.

Educational: Along with mystery and adventure, The Picaresque offers a subtle forum with its informative Appendices in the back of the book. There, the reader can find character biographies, clichés/idioms, lookup suggestions, a punctuation guide, and vocabulary words.  Almost a fictional travelogue, the books might be viewed as a vehicle for teaching history, language arts, and geography.  Yet, the adventures of the main character are not dry and dusty. Ima has harrowing experiences and stumbles onto unexpected mysteries while walking through the late 1960s’ history. Sometimes, she has to delve into other centuries to get her answers.

Your child can travel through the 16 books in the series…. from Newfoundland to New Delhi.  With each book, the content graduates from simple to more complicated plots and the vocabulary grows from 5th grade level to PSAT listed words. To solve the mystery in each Imasode your child’s critical thinking skills will increase, stretch, and perhaps surprise you.

You can find a summary of the books here.


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