Last Minute Kid Friendly Christmas Crafts & Gifts

Written by Misty Leask

I love having my kiddos involved in everything in our home. We learn together, clean together, and create together!

Christmastime is the perfect time to spend time together creating things! Today I’m going to share a few crafts that we have enjoyed making over the last few years. Each year the kiddos’ skills get better and better! I love displaying their crafts and they love giving the gifts they make themselves!

Most of the crafts that we do include items that already exist in our home, so the supplies are always close by. Just in case these items do not exist in your home, I will list the supplies we used for each craft I’m sharing.

 Happy Crafting!


 Cookies in a Jar

 Supplies Needed:

1 Quart Jar and Lid

Dry Ingredients from your choice of cookie recipe


Add dry ingredients in jar one layer at a time.

Attach a note including directions for completing the cookies.

(If including chocolate chips, m&ms, etc. I place them inside a Ziploc bag on top of the dry ingredients to prevent melting)

crafts 2

Paper Snowflakes

 Supplies Needed:



Glue & Glitter Optional

Instructions are listed on the step by step photo above.

crafts 3

Styrofoam Snowmen Families

 Supplies Needed:

Styrofoam Balls (various sizes)

Pipe Cleaners



Use a small piece of pipe cleaner to attach each ball to each other.

Pipe cleaners are used to create hats, scarves, purses, eyes, etc.

Toothpicks serve as arms for the snowmen.

Use your imagination!

This year my daughter created a doggie using pipe cleaners.

crafts 4

“Snow Cones”

Supplies Needed:

 Pine Cones

Hot Glue Gun & Sticks

Epsom Salt

Glitter (optional)


Pre-heat glue gun

Put glue around pine cone a small section at a time.

Roll pine cone in Epsom salt before the glue dries.

(If desired, mix in glitter with Epsom salt for sparkling effect)


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