As a homeschool family, you are presented with many decisions as you provide your student with quality educational experiences. While homeschool families may have different reasons for pursuing this educational path, one thing homeschool families have in common is the desire to prepare their students for success.

High School Success for Your Child

Success can be defined in a variety of ways. Your student may be preparing to attend a four-year university, or he or she may be working toward a career in athletics. Regardless of the path your student takes, actually reaching that goal means success! Success also motivates the teachers and staff at the University of Nebraska High School (UNHS). Founded in 1929, the school has a rich history of guiding students across the United States and the world on their journey toward success.

UNHS faculty and staff serve students with a college-prep curriculum and understand that each student has his or her individual journey and goals. Hugh McDermott, principal at the University of Nebraska High School, tells students, “Look for the everyday real-world connections you can make with your academic studies. Learning is a two-way street: teachers provide direction, support, and help along the way and students explore the connections and relevance to their lives.”

What Does the University of Nebraska High School Offer?

UNHS gives homeschool families several advantages:

  • Structured yet highly flexible curriculum
  • Courses are written by subject-matter experts and are designed specifically for the independent learner
  • Full advising services
  • Official transcripts accepted at colleges and universities across the U.S.
  • Math and world language placement tests
  • A comprehensive, accredited diploma
  • On-campus graduation ceremony

Through UNHS, students can take single courses on an as-needed basis to supplement their curriculum or they may earn an accredited diploma. The college-prep curriculum helps students meet college entrance requirements, and it teaches them the skills they need to be successful during college. UNHS offers a full high school curriculum of core, elective, AP, and dual enrollment courses.

A homeschool parent of three shared her experience with UNHS: “I’m very grateful for the UNHS program. To have my children at home has been a gift to my heart that I couldn’t begin to describe. UNHS has also prepared them for the challenges and discipline required to succeed in college, and this will carry into the foundation for their adult lives.”

University of Nebraska High School is accredited by AdvancED and the Nebraska Department of Education. Additionally, UNHS core courses are approved by the NCAA. NCAA approval is another assurance that courses have been thoroughly reviewed and found to be “college-prep.”

How Flexible Is the University of Nebraska High School?

UNHS recognizes that a flexible schedule is important to many homeschool families. Open enrollment means your student can enroll any time of the year. With self-paced online courses, your student may access the work any time of day, any day of the week. Courses are designed to be completed in approximately 90 study hours. Students may complete a course in as little as 5 weeks or take up to 52 weeks. This means students can spend as much time as needed on concepts, projects, and reading. Also, a flexible schedule benefits families who may have activities, travel, or other busy schedules that conflict with a curriculum publisher’s “due dates.” UNHS families appreciate having the ability to do school on their schedule – not ours.

We hope the University of Nebraska High School will be a great educational resource for you and your children. For more information, visit UNHS online or contact Amy Moline at [email protected].

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