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January 18, 2017
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Every year, Homeschool.com publishes our Top 100 Educational Websites. This list is informational, helpful, and a resource homeschoolers look forward to each and every year.

Our 2017 list published last week!  Here are just a few of the companies that made the list:




The Adventurous Mailbox – https://theadventurousmailbox.com

Adventure books mailed from abroad, in fun packages, introduce world cultures to kids.  Kids also receive a secret invitation letter to join an online community where they are able to chat with the book’s characters and have a lot of fun while learning about the world.

 AE Money Questswww.aemoneyquests.com

Money doesn’t have to be hard! AE Money Quests games, books and app makes teaching financial literacy/money management fun.  K – College, including Special Education.  Books are also available in Spanish.

Bellerophon Bookshttp://bellerophonbooks.com
Bellerophon Books publishes low-cost educational books on a variety of subjects. Many of the books are interactive and provide an alternative learning resource. These include educational coloring books, cut-out books of castles and totem poles, historical paper dolls and books with engaging, but little known stories from history.

Gallopade International – www.gallopade.com

Gallopade is a publisher of more than 15,000 educational products for children and adults. Gallopade is your source for products focusing on social studies, including curriculum and supplemental products on various topics.

Music Ace/Harmonic Vision – www.harmonicvision.com 

Music Ace products offers a comprehensive series of engaging and educational lessons that teach beginning students the basics of rhythm, pitch, note reading, and listening. Previous musical experience by the student or parent is not required. For a free demo click here.

Theory Time Music Curriculums® – www.theorytime.com

Theory Time® designs, creates and publishes innovative material for general music theory education. Reference materials, drills, Fun and Challenge Sheets, review tests and self-study features are included in their workbooks.


Leadership Education, also known as Thomas Jefferson Education or “TJEd,” is all about cultivating an Inspired Mind. Included among their offerings:

This Week in History – whatever you want to learn, whatever there is to teach, it starts with history. TWIH is keyword-searchable and the whole year’s archive is available at any time.

Mentoring in the Classics helps to light YOUR fire, so you have confidence and content to pass on to those you teach and mentor.



GiftedandTalented.com – https://giftedandtalented.com

Guided by ongoing research at Stanford University, GiftedandTalented.com provides innovative personalized programs that help homeschooled students become advanced learners in Mathematics, English, and Science, including Computer Programming and Physics.

Online G3, Inc.www.onlineg3.com
Online G3 offers interactive online classes with live weekly webinars for gifted students working at grade levels 6-12. Flexible placement and mixed age groups allow parents to customize their children’s education and accommodate asynchronous learners. You can learn more here.

Virtual Image Speech and Language Services www.virtualimagetherapy.com

This in an online company that offers home-based speech therapy services for individuals with speech and language delays.  Experienced and highly trained Speech Language Pathologists offer evaluations and therapy in the areas of  articulation, receptive and expressive language, fluency, and pragmatic and social language disorders.  They also offer tutoring services in a variety of subject areas for elementary – high school students.


And many, many MORE!

We sure hope you enjoy our Top 100 Educational Websites of 2017!