Have You Seen Our Top 100?

January 20, 2017
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Have you seen Homeschool.com’s Top 100 Educational Websites of 2017?  Maybe your favorite websites are included.  Or maybe you’ll find new and interesting websites you’ve never heard of!

The list can be found here.  And below, are just a few of the included companies.  These websites made the list for top Middle-High School, Testing & College products:

American School – www.americanschoolofcorr.com
American School offers accredited middle school and high school courses at an affordable cost. Choose from full year middle school programs and two online high school diploma programs, or take individual online courses, including world language courses through Rosetta Stone.

CollegePrepGenius – www.collegeprepgenius.com

CollegePrepGenius offers a variety of products to help your kids score high on the PSAT and SAT tests. These are learn-able tests and this company helps you ace them. You can watch sample talks, including “Free College Can Happen to You” and “How to Ace the SAT” on their Video Page.

REA Test Prep – www.rea.com
REA publishes test preps for AP, CLEP, SAT, ACT, as well as other popular standardized tests. The test preps include strategies and online tools to help you student study smarter and score higher.

Slader – www.slader.com

Slader is a user-generated platform that provides step-by-step solutions and explanations for questions found in textbooks commonly used in middle schools, high schools, and in universities.

University of Nebraska High School – http://highschool.nebraska.edu

100+ online courses. Accredited by AdvancED & Nebraska Department of Education. Core and AP courses, NCAA approved, college-prep. Curriculum supported by certificated teachers. Self-paced, available 24/7. Students can take single courses as needed to supplement their at-home curriculum or earn an accredited diploma.