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3 January 4:00 am
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The Institute for Inquiry Science offers an Anatomy & Physiology course from a holistic world view. It’s a great course for high school students, and it’s also an excellent preparation for the nursing HSEI Anatomy Exam. The course is supported by a well developed lab activity book, to be used independently. The entire course is completed in 7 weeks.

An additional power point lesson is available to study DNA Replication and Protein Synthesis. The lab activities are supported by models that include an animal cell board and manipulative pieces of the nucleic acids. This is an ideal activity for Gifted Students.

The goal of the Institute is to provide, high-quality and appropriate course content to ensure your student’s personal success.

Also, check out their new book release!


An Inquiry Approach to Anatomy and Physiology: Lab activities you can easily navigate Paperback: 5 x 7

80 Pages

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