A Kids Discover Online Product Review – and a 25% Off Coupon!

March 13, 2017
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The Kids Discover Online reading platform for home use offers an extensive library of science and social studies resources, at three different reading levels, with a Discover Map & Search function.  With over 1,000 topics, your kids can explore their existing interests, and discover new topics they’re passionate about.  And of course, you can use the materials as the foundation for your lessons, or as supplemental resources.

I really like Kids Discover Online.  I especially like:

  • The content – it’s educational and very interesting (the kids and I enjoyed the material, both written and visual). We especially enjoyed the science material.  All the kids enjoyed the bright colored pictures and interesting facts.  In addition, my older kids used Kids Discover Online for research purposes, and they used it in their spare time – to peruse the site for interesting articles/information.  I used it extensively, when developing lessons – and I think the lessons were more interesting because of this resource – more interesting for me, and for the kids.  That’s a plus!
  • The 3 Lexile ® Reading levels – this was great for our family, as my kids are at different reading levels. How do the reading levels differ?  Grammar, vocabulary and sentence lengths vary.  Genius!
  • The Discover Map is super. This visual concept map literally connects the dots across different subject areas and time periods. This cultivates a child’s ability to research, make connections independently, and explore new ideas. Plus, as mentioned previously, it helped me come up with more interesting lesson plans.
  • The website is easy to navigate. This was a plus for the kids and for me.
  • You can view on any device, any time. We’re constantly on the go – so I really appreciated this.  My kids accessed the website a lot on an iPad, while in the car, at appointments, etc.
  • The cost is great. You can get started with a free plan and upgrade at any time.  For home use, the cost is just $4/month (billed annually).  This includes access to 100 units and 1,000 topics, the 3 Lexile ® Reading levels, and Discover Map & Search.

FYI Kids Discover also offers –

Magazines. You can choose from over 140 titles. Each issue is 20 pages in length, and is packed with photographs, original illustrations, timelines, and more.

Print Titles. This includes over 140 interesting nonfiction titles. Each of the print titles is 20 pages in length, and focuses on a single topic in the natural and social sciences.  Concise text highlights essential facts, while longer passages improve reading comprehension (again, genius!).  Each title comes with complimentary lesson plans – a free 12-page Teacher’s Guide and a 16-page Power Vocabulary Guide – so you get 28 pages of free resources, which is pretty cool.  Print topics include: American History, Climate, Culture, Earth Science, Geography, Health Science, Historical Figures, Human Body, Insects, Life Science, Natural Disaster, Physical Science, Plants and Animals, Science, Social Studies, Space Science, Technology, World History.  There’s something for everyone.  And of course, they always have titles on sale.

Apps.  Kids Discover apps have been selected as Best Apps in Education by Apple© more than a dozen times.  Wowza. Their iPad ® apps offer video, 3D animations, and select audio narration. You can see all their apps here – https://www.kidsdiscover.com/apps/view-all-apps

Free lesson plans.