Handpicked Summer Resources Just For You!

June 6, 2017
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Handpicked Summer Resources Just For You!

Summer and homeschooling – there are so many options. As many options as there are

families!  Many homeschoolers continue full-time lessons throughout the summer, others

choose a lighter load for the summer months, and some of us take the summer off. Regardless

of how we choose to homeschool, we understand that learning doesn’t stop just because it’s

summer. Summer learning – and summer resources are important to us!


Because of this, Homeschool.com has published our Summer Resources Awards list –

handpicked gems from companies that understand the importance of continued summer

learning opportunities and experiences. These companies offer full curriculums, individual

classes, important supplemental materials – and educational/fun toys that promote summer

learning. The award winners are listed alphabetically – here is the list through H.  And here is

the entire list.

The awards are sponsored by
A big thank you to Time4Learning for sponsoring this list.

101 Things To Do This Summer
Every year, Homeschool.com publishes our 101 Things To Do This Summer list. It’s a great

resource of fun (and educational) things to do. This year, our list is part of Rebecca

Kochenderfer’s book The Summertime Survival Guide for Parents: How to Create

a Summer of Wonder, Discovery and Fun!  You can see an infographic of the list

here and fyi, previous lists can be found here.


The ABCmouse learning program, for ages 2-8, helps kids learn to read through phonics, and

teaches lessons in math, social studies, art, music, and much more. With more than 8,500

individual learning activities and 850+ complete lessons which follow their Step-by-Step

Learning Path, ABCmouse encompasses reading and language arts, math, science, health,

social studies, art, and music. ABCmouse is available to families on a low-cost subscription

basis for use on computers, tablets, or smartphones.


The company abcteach offers 6,000+ FREE educational worksheets for homeschoolers. Many

have a summer theme! Their member site offers 49,000+ cross curricular resources. These

resources include; printable materials, interactive lessons, clip art library, custom worksheet

generators, educational videos, plus a weekly newsletter. Use Promo Code: (HS1year) for 75%

OFF 1 year memberships.  Only $9.99!


Blue Socks Media
Want your kids to learn a little history this summer? The 45 Presidents is the first multi-media

project to include a song, music video, and activity book featuring all 45 U.S. Presidents. You

can watch the 45 Presidents song for free here.


Building Brilliant Minds Online
Building Brilliant Minds Online School of the Arts offers courses in Architecture, Art, Dance,

Photography and IEW Writing. These courses are perfect for summer enrichment and for more

serious yearly studies. Students (K-12) may begin their courses at any time. Did we mention

this site is run by a homeschool Mom?


Homeschooling through the summer? CHSH-Teach.com (Christian Home School Hub) is an

affordable option designed to make your homeschooling journey easier. It is brimming with

resources (PreK-12) and will save you time and sanity! The site offers FREEBIES, a

Download Club, a Membership option and more. This site was created by a homeschool Mom.


Concordia Publishing House
You can incorporate God’s Word into every area of your children’s learning with

age-appropriate Bibles, catechisms, church history books, family devotionals, and more. Their

book, My Devotions – Summer is a perfect fit for summertime reading.


Crabtree Publishing
Have your kids read this summer! Crabtree Publishing Company is dedicated to producing

high-quality curriculum-aligned books and educational products for Pre K-9+. Crabtree is

well-known for beautifully illustrated books and educational resources on many subjects

including science & technology, nature & environment, countries and cultures, history,

mathematics, financial literacy, digital literacy, geography, sports, health & guidance,

visual arts, fiction reading  and biographies.


Easy Grammar Systems
Grammar this summer? Why not! Dr. Wanda Phillips’ texts 1) the Easy Grammar series,

2) the Daily GRAMS series, and 3) the Easy Grammar Ultimate Series introduce grammar

concepts in a building-block paradigm and incorporate a cyclical approach which promotes



Almost 1,000 summer products offered
! Discover thousands of educational toys, engaging

worksheets, hands-on learning lesson plans, interactive online programs and more, all at up

to 90% off! Plus, tons of FREEBIES are added daily!


Evan-Moor Educational Publishers
Evan-Moor Educational Publishers has partnered with homeschool families for over 35 years.

Their colorful activity books are perfect for summer learning and enrichment. The

Daily Summer Activities books provide practice across all core subject areas, while the Skill

Sharpeners series hones in on specific skills in math, reading, writing, science, and critical

thinking. The Never-Bored Kid Book series is perfect for art and hands-on projects. The

company offers FREE resources as well.


Excel High School
Excel High School is a Department of Education recognized, regionally accredited high school

serving students in grades 9-12. Excel offers both secular and Christian online courses, as well

as full-time, part-time and summer courses. Parents choose Excel as for their education

partner because of Excel’s flexibility, affordability and commitment to student success. Excel is

rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau and has an outstanding reputation for excellence.


Have Fun Teaching, LLC
Have Fun Teaching is a website that offers FREE worksheets, activities, flashcards, workbooks,

lesson plans, songs, and videos for teachers and homeschoolers. You can check out their

summer resources here. The site also offers premium/membership services ($8/month).


Delve into history this summer! HistoryNet.com contains daily features, photo galleries and

over 5,000 articles originally published in their various history magazines. These magazines

include America’s Civil War, Aviation History, Civil War Times, Military History, Wild West,

World War II and more.


Hoffman Academy
Want to learn piano this summer? Mr. Hoffman’s engaging piano lessons and child-friendly

(adult friendly too!) teaching tools make learning both easy and fun, while providing a complete

foundation in ear training, music theory, transposition, Solfège, improvisation, technique,

composition, and much more. Mr. Hoffman’s basic plan is FREE (you can start lesson 1 now)

and his premium plan is just $15/month.