The Summertime Survival Guide for Parents – The Perfect Summer Book !

June 9, 2017
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Picture of Rebecca Kochenderfer's book The Summertime Survival Guide for Parents

The Summertime Survival Guide for Parents is a great book for homeschoolers – but maybe even a BETTER book for your non-homeschooling friends.  They might need a summertime survival guide – full of ideas on how to make the summer fun and educational.  It’s written by our very own Rebecca KochenderferAnd she’s giving away a FREE Survival Guide Planner to go along with the book!

FYI – The Summertime Survival Guide for Parents is chocked full of helpful info.  In fact, it:

  • Helps you plan a summer that is so much fun your kids won’t want to spend all their time on TV and video games.
  • Shows you how to keep summer boredom away by creating fun learning centers in your home in 4 easy steps.
  • Tells you how to develop your child’s special talents and interests.
  • Shows you how to save money on summer camp and how to create your own summer day camp experience.
  • Helps you turn long car trips into creativity time.
  • And MORE.

You can purchase The Summertime Survival Guide for Parents at

And you can get the FREE Planner here (You don’t need to buy the book to get the planner)!

The Summertime Survival Guide for Parents Daily Planner is Free


“I’m always on the lookout for ways to inject our days with a sense of togetherness and wonder, whether during the school year or in the summer. Resources like yours help me to find motivation and inspiration in addition to the practical tips and “how-to”. I liked that some of the ideas were easy to implement and required very little prep time (many chapter 6 ideas) while other ideas were for the more advanced thinker who may have done the “easier” ideas already (like setting up discovery stations).” – Jenny Schae (Parent)

Rebecca Kochenderfer is an expert in fun, personal learning.  As CEO of, the #1 homeschooling community on the Internet, she has helped thousands of parents discover their child’s special talents and dreams. Her parenting and homeschooling books are beloved because they make parenting easier and more fun and they bring families closer together.