The Download Club at Christian Homeschool Hub

Written by Tasha Swearingen


From downloadable eBooks and literature studies to elementary math projects and even freebies, this site has it ALL. I have been a member of Christian Homeschool Hub (CHSH for short) for several years and feel it is well worth the amount of money you pay for it (only $30/year). Lynda Ackert, the owner, truly pours her heart and soul into creating these products and she’s always updating the site to keep up with current events, topics in education, seasonally appropriate materials, and more. For instance, if you do a pumpkin study from the site this year, there’s a pretty good chance that next year there’ll be a new pumpkin study available for you. I mean, you’ll never run out of ideas with this site and I love that. I also love having a one-stop shop to turn to when I need something. Rather than surfing the internet for various sources (and not really knowing if they’re any good until we put them to use), I can pop on over to CHSH and know I will find exactly what I need and can trust that the quality is superb. Visit the site to check it out for yourself!




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