Senseez Review






So, what are Senseez?  They’re calming cushions and pillows that vibrate when they’re squeezed or sat upon (that’s because they work on compression).  The vibration eases the senses– which in turn, 1) helps you relax and 2) helps you focus.  The Senseez sensory cushions are a great fit for children who:

  • have very high energy levels
  • have special needs
  • are autistic
  • have sensory processing disorder

If interested, you can check out the Clinical section on the Senseez website.   It includes 1) research on vibration, 2) expert testimonials regarding the benefits of vibration, and 3) info regarding a Senseez clinical trial.

A homeschooling friend of mine raves about Senseez – so I thought I’d spread the word. 🙂






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