An Oak Meadow Product Review

September 21, 2017
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FYI – Oak Meadow K-6 curriculum was revised in 2015.

Revisions/improvements include:

  • The addition of assignment checklists, planning pages, and material lists
  • Factual information was updated
  • Learning assessment rubrics were added (to help parents track their student’s progress)
  • Coursebook covers were changed – they are now more heavy duty, and the pages are spiral-bound so books can lie flat (that’s nice!)

We asked for, and received, the Oak Meadow Second Grade program. The Second Grade program includes the subjects of Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Arts & Crafts, Music and Health. When our box arrived (yes, it arrived – as in real books!), we were pleasantly surprised by the quality and the quantity of the materials.

Specifically, we received –


  • 1 spiral bound soft cover book, Coursebook Grade 2 (it provides all the instructions and assignments for the full year of second grade) and 1 spiral bound soft cover book Resource Book, Grade 2 (it includes extensive instructions about teaching each subject). These are the core of your year, and both are chocked full of important info.






  • 1 soft cover book – Fables, An Oak Meadow Collection (a collection of 16 classic fables). Selections include “The Gingerbread Boy,” “The Country Mouse and the City Mouse,” and “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”.



  • 1 soft cover book – Just So Stories, Rudyard Kipling. Oak Meadow presents a special slim edition, which includes Kipling favorites, such as “How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin,” “How the Leopard Got His Spots,” and “The Cat Who Walked By Himself”.

You can see that the materials are geared towards Second Grade students – the materials contain information that young students will want to read and learn about (yah!).


FYI – the above publications are also available in digital form. Click here for information on digital access, printables, and more; or click here to see the full line of digital curriculum.

Also included in the Second Grade box (Yes, there’s more!):

  • 1 balsam airplane kit
  • 1 chunky Oak Meadow pencil (for your child – probably their favorite item!)
  • General instructions for the teacher/parent
  • Information regarding the Homeschool Support program for families who are using Oak Meadow curriculum on their own (without enrollment)
  • Info regarding Oak Meadow’s Foundation in Independent Learning program – a parent/teacher training program for parents who support independent learners
  • Info on how to connect with Oak Meadow via their blog (which is very good), their free educational journal Living Education (again, very good!), and via their social media outlets (Pinterest, Instagramand more).

As mentioned, we were very impressed with all that we received. The books are certainly geared towards Second Grade students, and the parent/teacher resources are extensive. It’s clear that the curriculum accommodates visual, auditory, and physical learning styles – which is a plus. And everything you need for the year is included (how convenient). It would be very easy to use this for homeschooling as-is, or supplement as you’d like.

And FYI, you can view a sample lesson here.

After reviewing everything (we were impressed!), we forwarded the Oak Meadow materials to a homeschooling Mom of a second grader (our kids are older) and her feedback is below:

  • Oak Meadow curriculum is easy to use which I truly appreciate. Assignments are clearly marked and explained in detail. There is a weekly planner, an assignment checklist, and a materials list for each lesson which helps me plan our week in advance. I’m homeschooling multiple kids, so I admit, things can get hectic, and on occasion, I can get overwhelmed. So, I truly appreciate the planning and checklist materials.
  • Learning assessments are included at the end of each lesson. These are good for understanding your child’s progress, and recognizing strengths and areas where more support is needed. I’m not a “test” type person – but I found these assessments to be very helpful. There were occasions when I thought my son “got it” – but the assessment showed me “not so much”. So I knew where to spend extra time.
  • Both my child and I enjoyed the focus on animals and nature for the reading and writing assignments. As the parent/teacher, I saw how well the writing and the reading assignments were integrated and I appreciated that as well.
  • Social Studies is taught through the use of fables and folktales – the subject matter is geared towards the child, and the topics are important. Again, something that I appreciated.
  • Math – I like that my son is already learning multiplication. I don’t think I started multiplying in second grade.
  • Science focuses on nature-type assignments – which children of this age really respond to (as do I!). Again, I appreciated/likedthis.
  • Art, crafts, music, and health are included subjects. These are important subjects that many public schools have had to eliminate. I’m glad that I have the time to do them as they are so enriching. We will have the opportunity to copy and illustrate poems, make books, perform puppet plays, grow indoor plants, and more.

I’ve certainly enjoyed using the Oak Meadow materials. And I like that you can purchase these and use them independently, or enroll in their online program. I think we’ll always go the independent route, but I can see how some families might appreciate teacher support and official school records. It’s always nice to have options.

(By the way, Oak Meadow is accredited through the The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA), and by the New England Association for Schools and Colleges (NEASC).