DIY Fidget Spinners

26 September 4:00 am
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This is a guest blog post from Alpha Omega Publications.


DIY Fidget Spinners – Clicking your pen, clenching your stress ball, and tapping your fingers or your foot are all different types of fidgeting. Any of these is a common habit to have and there’s a new toy on the market that is directly targeting fidgety children, aptly named the fidget spinner.

Simple in design and concept, fidget spinners are made up of only two or three rounded blades attached to a circular core. It spins once you give it a little flick. That’s it, and it’s caught on quickly.

The spinners are readily available online and in stores. Their general price ranges anywhere from just a couple dollars to as much as you want to pay. However, they are also relatively simple to make and can be a great craft project for you and your child to make together. It’s even possible to turn it into a science project, since there are plenty of scientific elements you can explore, such as centrifugal force, friction, or optics.

Since the fidget spinners have been gaining in popularity, there are plenty of online tutorials, including three different instructions from Lego. Meanwhile, RedTedArt includes a link to a template, so all you need to do is collect your items from around the house (cardboard, coins, toothpick, strong glue, scissors, and “pokey things”), print the template, and start building your own fidget spinner.

Happy building and fidgeting!

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