At Downtown Bookworks, our mission is to raise a new generation of book lovers —

so every one of our books is carefully designed to engage, inspire, and feel good in small hands.

I have a new favorite site for purchasing books – Downtown Bookworks.

Just take a look at their site, and you’ll see why.  I want everything!!!!

You too?

Don’t you love the Do It Myself Cookbook and the recipes they have on their website? I’m already thinking Christmas!!!!

But I’m getting off track!  I started this blog post to tell you about their Science with Stuff books –

Specifically, the Dino-Mite and Shark-Tastic books.  My kids love them!  Even my neighbor loves them! Really, I had a neighbor over, she saw the books, and she totally gushed over them!

Dino-Mite is filled with exciting illustrations and great text about dinosaurs—and best of all—the book comes with fossilized dinosaur dung!  (Don’t worry though – it’s enclosed in a plastic case!)  The book spotlights some of the most fascinating things we know about dinosaurs: their terrifying teeth, powerful tails, pointy horns, unbreakable plates, and much more! I love the guide at the back of the book that helps you pronounce different types of dinosaurs correctly.  Do you know how to pronounce Ugrunaaluk? My kids do!

FYI – (oo-GREW-nah-luk).    🙂

Shark-Tastic is a visually dynamic book with real life photos of all kinds of sharks.  There are sections about sharks’ anatomy,  shark sizes, their teeth, and more.  Plus, you get a real shark tooth with the book.  But don’t worry – no sharks were harmed!  The tooth is actually a fossil (it was buried in the sediment at the bottom of the ocean for thousands of years.  Over that time, minerals seeped into the tooth and eventually it was transformed into a fossil). That makes the tooth even cooler!

The books are interesting, educational, and they’re of good quality (pages and cover).

You should give Downtown Bookworks a look-see!  After all, the holidays are right around the corner!

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