Thanksgiving Recipes for Kids

November 17, 2017
Written by:
Jamie Gaddy

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, you’re likely thinking about what you will make or bring to the family functions you’ll be attending. Since all experiences offer opportunities for kids to learn, cooking is no different! Here, we bring you some of our favorite kid-friendly and kid-accessible recipes to get your little ones cooking up something delicious this season!

1)   Candy Turkey Bites

These festive little treats from Suburban Simplicity are easy for kids to assemble and they’re adorable to look at – and munch on! Lay out the ingredients you’ll need (mini pretzels, Rolos, candy corns, and M&Ms) so kids can assemble them quickly. Tip: place the ingredients on your work surface assembly-line style and kids will be able to piece them together more easily. On a cookie sheet, have kids lay out one pretzel per turkey and then set one Rolo on top of each pretzel. An adult will need to pop the cookie sheet into a low-temp oven (300 degrees is sufficient) just until the Rolos begin to melt (about 2 minutes). Once they’re melting, immediately bring them back out and have kids stick candy corns into their “back” area to serve as feathers and an M&M on the front to serve as a nose. If you want to get super detailed, you can also add eyes with black writing icing.


2)      Cream Biscuits

If you’re looking for an alternative to the usual brown ‘n serve rolls, try making cream biscuits for your Thanksgiving meal this year. This easy recipe from Add a Pinch is simple enough your kids can help whip them together without supervision! It only takes two ingredients to produce these delicious, light and flakey biscuits, so you are free to relax while your kids have at it. They’ll need two cups of self-rising flour and 1-1/2 cups of heavy whipping cream. That’s it! Preheat your oven to 475 degrees and lightly grease a baking sheet. Once kids have pulled together the dough, they can roll them into the shapes of balls with their hands or even roll the dough out onto a floured surface (about ½” thick) and use cookie cutters to create fun shapes. Lay biscuits on the cookie sheet about 2 inches apart, bake for 10-12 minutes, and enjoy! Add a Pinch suggests serving with honey drizzled over them. If you’re going for a sweet twist, we suggest brushing melted butter on top and sprinkling with sugar granules.


3)      Pumpkin Fudge Bites

Many people will think to have a pumpkin pie adorn their tables this holiday season. But have you ever thought of making the pie with a twist – that is, by turning your family’s favorite Thanksgiving treat into fudge bites? Blissful Basil has a recipe for this that your kids are sure to love eating as well as making. You’ll need just 5 simple ingredients: ½ C coconut butter, ¼ C plus 2 T pureed pumpkin, 2 T almond butter, 3 T pure maple syrup, and 2 tsp pumpkin pie spice – oh, and a pinch of salt. Combine all ingredients in a medium sauce pan over low heat and whisk them together for 3-5 minutes. Grease a 3×5 pan with coconut oil (you can use a larger pan, they’ll just be thinner) and pour the mixture directly into the pan. Freeze for 1 hour then remove from pan (by tapping upside down on the counter), cut into bars (around 12-16) and serve!


Thanksgiving is a wonderful time full of memories, family, and good foods. Your kids can help in the kitchen with these recipes and more. What are some of your favorite recipes kids help create? Comment below and let us know!




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Jamie Gaddy

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