Making Thanksgiving Enjoyable for Your Kids

November 15, 2017
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I have to admit.  I’ve never really liked Thanksgiving.  And as a child, I really didn’t like it!  Yes, it was nice seeing everyone, but all the cleaning (ahead and after), and cooking (for DAYS and DAYS), and parades (watching a parade on TV is like watching fishing for me–no appeal whatsoever!), and football games (again – like watching fishing!) – it was all a bit tedious.  I was just glad when it was over, and I could focus on fun things–like Christmas trees!

I always felt bad that I didn’t like Thanksgiving. So, as an adult, I tried to make Thanksgiving more enjoyable.  I wanted my kids to like it. Our new family traditions include –

  • One item that I give each child on Thanksgiving – usually a craft kit, or a coloring book – something to do that is enjoyable (in case they are like me and don’t like TV parades).
  • We started a new tradition at our house – the Thanksgiving pinata!  The kids are able to shop for one they like, or make one from scratch; have input as to what goes into it; and of course, they have great fun breaking it!  And inside, again, are items they can keep busy with on Thanksgiving – small cars, little magic tricks, super balls, small play-doh containers, etc.

I was at Target today, going through their $1 aisles at the front of the store when I found this.


It’s a bag for a wine bottle – but I thought, “This year, I’ll make Thanksgiving bags with these, and give them in lieu of the one item mentioned above.  Each child will receive one – kind of like a Thanksgiving get-through-the day bag, filled with pilgrim stickers, and other Thanksgiving related fun items.

I’m just trying to make Thanksgiving a holiday the kids enjoy.

Do you do anything interesting at your house?  Please write me and let me know ([email protected]), or post on our facebook page.