The Sunscript™ Cursive Handwriting System was designed by Mary Lou Sundberg, who dedicated her life to the study of letter sound/letter formation problems. Mary Lou researched the nature of the alphabet, brain development, and prevalent instructional methodologies including handwriting approaches that contribute to both reading and writing difficulties. Her uniquely developmentally appropriate Sunscript method makes handwriting practice legible, easy and fun!

Program Materials:

The Sunscript System consists of unlimited access to two online Teacher Manuals (lower case and upper case letter formation) and 5 printed student booklets.


Online Teacher Manuals:

The Lowercase and Uppercase Teacher Manuals provide the theory with illustrations necessary to the formation/use of the Sunscript Basic Connective Stroke in transforming manuscript letters into cursive letters. Color-coded instructional lesson plans are graphic, step-by-step, diagnostic, and prescriptive.

Printed Consumable Student Booklets:

Each student receives a set of 5 thin, manageable and easy to erase booklets. Lessons are filled with color-coded models that provide opportunities for students to trace, copy and practice cursive handwriting skills while learning exciting new vocabulary. reviews:

Learn more at where you can read reviews of this outstanding cursive handwriting program!

I received the Sunform Cursive program for my 7-year-old son, and I am BLOWN AWAY by how easy this program is to implement! I’ve gone from having a child who hates handwriting, to having one that wakes up asking to do it every day. The program is very well thought out for the student, and extremely easy for me as a homeschool teacher to implement. I would gladly recommend this program to any of my friends looking for a new handwriting program! Stepheny S.  

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