Beestar provides innovative online programs in all subjects for students from Grades 1 to Grade 8. It has helped thousands to achieve excellent grades in the last 15 years. It was recognized as a top 100 website by How to Home School.

Beestar Progressive Exercise (BPE)

Using its curriculum-based programs for only 20 minutes a week, students can effectively master the core knowledge traditionally taught in schools and develop advanced problem-solving skills. Beestar Parents can monitor students’ performance online and know exactly what their kids need. Beestar provides motivational recognitions every week, which brings a lot of fun to learning.

BPE Programs and Schedules

Beestar offers programs in Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies, Vocabulary and Gifted and Talented Math. They are for grade levels of Grade 1 to Grade 8. By applying knowledge to real-life problems, Beestar exposes the students to the challenge of life questions. Students thus gain their analytical thinking ability and improve their problem-solving skills through those challenges.

Beestar has Fall, Spring and Summer semesters in an academic year. Students participate BPE challenges for 18 weeks in Fall, 18 weeks in Spring and 8 weeks in Summer. Students with high achievements are awarded with weekly honor roll rankings, end-of-term trophies and medals.

Beestar National Competition (BNC)

The annual Beestar National Competition (BNC) brings students nationwide together to solve challenging problems and explore interesting ideas. To excel, students often need to think outside the box and solve problems creatively. Participating in competitions such as BNC broadens students’ knowledge significantly as they explore topics beyond the conventional scope and develop advanced skills.

The competition lasts 4 days online from Monday to Thursday. The top students are recognized and honored on the website.

BNC Schedule and Format

BNC is held online in March and October of each year. Each competition has 2 rounds. The Dash Round consists of 4 exams focusing on the fundamentals. Each exam of the Dash Round has 10 questions and each question is worth 2 points. Students have a window of 2 days (all day Monday and Tuesday) to complete Round 1 (about 60 minutes for 4 exams). The Spark Round consists of 4 exams with interesting and challenging problems. Each exam of the Spark Round has 5 questions and each question is worth 4 points. Students have a window of 2 days (all day Wednesday and Thursday) to complete Round 2 (about 60 minutes for 4 exams).

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