NOVEMBER 2, 2018

Meet Chef Flynn – Our VConference Keynote Speaker!

What do you do when you’re a teenage boy dealing with the usual teenage problems plus a little negativity from the naysayers? You “cook” up a new name for yourself and that’s exactly what teenager Chef Flynn has been doing. When he was in school, Chef Flynn found it difficult to pay attention at times because all he could think about was the presentation of his next dish. After begging to be homeschooled, his mom agreed.

How Has Homeschooling Helped?

Homeschooling has enabled Chef Flynn to pursue his passion in ways that attending school had been stifling it. Find out about Chef Flynn with the introductory video below! While you’re there be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss ANY updates on Chef Flynn!


Get Up Close and Personal!

Chef Flynn will be our keynote speaker for the upcoming Mid Year Switch Virtual Conference. You can get in on that inspirational session and ask him and his mother questions! Chef Flynn’s story is absolutely amazing and you can hear all about it by Registering Now for the Virtual Conference!