Make it Special – 5 Christmas Crafts for Decorating

December 19, 2018
Written by:
Tasha Swearingen

Each holiday season, parents find themselves absorbed in holiday prep which usually includes things such as getting out the holiday cards, family pictures, preparing for the holiday meal, etc. In all of this prep, things can start adding up – especially when the decorating for the holidays takes center stage! Instead of going broke this holiday season, why not try some special handmade decorative projects? 

Painted Christmas Trees

Vintage Christmas trees are a thing from the past (around the 1970s). However, they’re still being sold again. They’re expensive for original pieces, but you can usually purchase them secondhand around Christmas. Once purchased, you can turn them into anything you’d like to match your Christmas decor. For instance, some people like to spray paint them one solid color (say, white) and then use a glitter adhesive spray to seal in the paint and add shimmer. You can also buy trees small enough to fit the scale of your Christmas village if you have one!

Snowy Wreath

Whether you live in a climate that receives snow or not, you can craft a snowy wreath for your front door. Take a standard wreath and add your own floral touches. It really doesn’t matter what flowers you use because they’ll all end up covered in “snow” in the end. Don’t forget the berry sprigs and glittered pinecones to visually space things out. Once finished, spray the whole wreath with fake “snow!”

Glass Frame Terrarium

Did you know you can upcycle old wooden glass frames to create a terrarium for the plant lover in your life? The best part about this gift is that, unlike many DIY gifts, it truly doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can head to your local dollar store for the frames (unless you get lucky at a garage sale). You’ll just need four to make the base/sides and probably another four to create the roof (varies depending on the base you’ve created). Here’s a quick tutorial on creating a glass frame terrarium.

No-Knit Monogrammed Decor Pillows

Decor pillows – especially festive ones – are a must-have during the holidays, but what if you have zero sewing skills? That’s an easy fix – purchase inexpensive store-bought decor pillows (solid colors work best for this) and you can still monogram them for a personalized touch! Just take some (fairly thick) baker’s twine and stitch the first initial of your last name on each. Done!

Marble Vase

For this gift, you’ll need two vases that are the same shape and one will need to fit right inside the other with a gap of space. You can fill that gap of space with marbles of various colors and sizes (though red and white make for a festive holiday combination). If this is meant to last the entire holiday season, you’ll probably want to include silk flowers instead of real ones. All of the pieces for this can be easily found at the dollar store!

One of the best parts of the holiday season is the gift-giving. This can be tricky when you’re thinking of someone who “has it all” or when you’d like to present gifts with a personal touch. Handmade gifts you can craft and personalize are the ideal solution!

Tasha Swearingen

Tasha is a homeschooling mom to 5 and has been homeschooling for 14 years. Currently, her children's ages span from toddler to young adult. Tasha has a Bachelor's of Science degree in Social Sciences from Florida State University and is working on her MBA through SNHU/Berklee School of Music.