As if the five speakers we already told you about weren’t enough, there are eight more speakers! This wraps up the list of speakers, and we wanted to break this into two posts to make it easier for you.

Karen Meyer

Making a lifelong commitment isn’t always easy, but that’s exactly what Karen Meyer has done. She’s made the commitment to parents of preschoolers and early learners to help prepare them for grade school in the best way. Karen’s ideas were the catalyst to Get Ready 4 Kindergarten’s homeschool preschool program.

Yegor Nadvornyy

Yegor believes in utilizing every possible avenue and scientific tool available to try reaching kids. To that end, he also believes there is a strong connection between our brains and our bodies. By focusing on early physical development and on #makeSmartMoves, he’s able to bring his findings and creations straight to your home!

Larry Shiller

Larry Shiller grew up with an absolute passion for math. Teachers worked hard at feeding this desire for math but he ended up teaching himself Algebra at age nine. Shiller went on to score a perfect score on the Math SAT, earned a math degree from MIT, and earned a degree from Harvard Business School. It wasn’t until he enrolled his daughter in Montessori preschool that he realized the monetary value of his knowledge. Rather than spend $30,000 on a Montessori preschool, Larry taught his daughter at home and ShillerMath was born. Since Shiller was always such a huge Montessori fan, you’ll find that ShillerMath has Montessori “leanings.” It’s to the point, engaging, encourages parent-child relationships.

Katie Shuler

Katie works for Time4Learning on a full-time basis while also homeschooling her teenage sons. Katie never planned to homeschool but she ended up pulling her oldest from 1st grade and never looked back!

Kristy Smith

Kristy is the Director of Operations for Learning for Compass Charter Schools. She’s been involved in independent study charter schools for the past 12 years and currently homeschools her three children ages 7, 13, and 16. Prior to her charter school involvement, she taught high school math at all levels.

Chad StewartChad Stewart

For the past 27 years, Chad has worked as a professional animator in TV and film. He’s worked alongside Disney and Sony and has even worked on The Polar Express. These days, Chad brings his previous work experience – and expertise as a homeschooling dad – into your home by teaching students this fascinating form of art!

Christina Stiles

Christina is a new homeschooling mom to her 11-year-old daughter. With a background in law, marketing, and writing, she definitely knows what “full-time career woman” means. In spite of it all, she still finds time to volunteer with her daughter’s Girl Scout troop!

Claudia Weintraub

Though she grew up in Switzerland, Claudia Weintraub moved to the United States in her 20s and earned her Bachelor’s in English and German from California Lutheran University. She graduated summa cum laude and went on to earn her Master’s degree and later taught middle and high school students in public schools. These experiences and many more went into Claudia’s decision to help two independent charter schools build their homeschool programs under Claudia’s guidance and direction.

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