JANUARY 29, 2019

Winter Science Projects for Kids

The darker evenings sure make our days seem shorter, which is why great science investigation is perfect for the winter months! Dr. Erica, the founder of Rosie Research, has thought up some great activities to keep kids of all ages busy during the holidays while also teaching them a bit of science. These activities will be a great way to create quality time as a family, or with all the extended family that might be coming into town. Check them out and let us know which ones are your favorites!

Projects for young learners (ages 3-5)

  • Read the book Snowflake Bentley together, then cut out your own snowflakes or try to view your own under a microscope!
  • Make pony bead suncatchers. You likely have all the materials you need on hand, and you can learn about melting (aka phase transitions) at the same time!
  • Create a paper circuit snowman. Little hands can help lay down the copper tape, connect LEDs, and decorate this fun art meets science project.

Projects for older learners (ages 5-99+)

  • Make a levitating Santa sleigh. This is a great spin on the old magnets on a pencil trick, plus it combines art and science, which means kids can learn without “learning” in the traditional setting.
  • Make an LED snowman. This is a natural growth from the paper snowman circuit we listed in our young learner’s area. This LED snowman is 3D and will be the perfect addition to your fireplace mantle for years to come.
  • Grow a crystal tree. This project is perfect for those in warm climates that won’t get the snowy treescape we all associate with Christmas. Plus, it doesn’t need any hard to source ingredients!
  • Create a snowball catapult. This engineering challenge promises fun and frustration in the perfect mix to help kids learn about the engineering process, physical principles, and more.

We hope you enjoy these creative science-based projects with your family! Be sure to let us know which ones you loved.