Homeschool Freebies for June

June 21, 2019
Written by:
Jamie Gaddy

It’s hard to believe it’s June already! We’re in the midst of summer and some great freebies are definitely in order! There are several in our list this month that will help you chase away those summer boredom blues and keep your student’s minds fresh! And take a minute to enter both of our giveaways – – there is some serious awesome stuff!

Montessori Preschooling and Giveaway



Montessori Preschool Giveaway is here! Enter for a chance to win a subscription to Edoki’s Montessori Preschool App. A great way to get your preschooler learning this summer! No Stress!








Britfield & the Lost Crown




Britfield Signed Book Giveaway, Free Chapters and Summer Activity Pages! Enter now for your chance to win a signed copy of Britfield and the Lost Crown. But, great news, everyone wins! Each registrant will receive 2 free chapters and a weekly summertime activity delivered to your inbox!





A2Z STEM Fair 2019




STEM Fair and Get Inspired Workbook – A2Z is hosting a free online STEM fair this fall and has put together a great workbook to help you get to planning what you’ll do for your science fair project. Don’t wait till Fall start thinking about it now!





Free writing worksheets


Free Writing Worksheets – Grab these free worksheets, print them out, and use them to keep your students on top of their writing skills this summer! From one of the premier online writing course providers, you’ll enjoy these writing worksheets and the free writing help they give!



Writing Truth June



Free Scripture Writing for June – Don’t miss this series of printables that will have you and your kiddos finding inspiration throughout the month. Download and print and then use daily as copywork or for an inspirational quiet time.






Planner social


Sanity Saver Free Planning Pages – The time to plan for next year is upon us! Grab these free planning pages to see if they’ll work for your homeschool! If you love them, you can get first dibs on grabbing the full Sanity Saver Planner (almost every document you need to homeschool) which is now available on Amazon.






Classroom Recorder



Classroom Recorder – Free Music Course This course is simple and introduces your kiddos to music with an easy to learn instrument, the recorder! Incorporate this free music course into your homeschool plan for the fall, or grab it now and get a music introduction during the summer!





Summer Survival Guide Planner



Summertime Survival Guide Daily Planner – This planner helps you organize your summer with fun learning opportunities. Check out the Summertime Survival Guide book which gives you insight on how and why it is so important to plan learning throughout the summer months. The book is now available on Amazon Kindle and you can grab the planner for FREE.






Free Summer Reading Challenge




Summer is the perfect time for a reading challenge! Grab our free Summer Reading Challenge Kit right here and get started with a fun and rewarding summer reading program of your own making! Everything from a bingo game to reward certificates and bookmarks – you’re kids will love it!






Secular Homeschooling Weekly Planner – Don’t miss another free homeschool organization tool! This secular homeschool planner in Google is perfect to get your new year off to a great start!





Jamie Gaddy

Jamie Gaddy, B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D. has been a college education professor for over 17 years. Education has been a part of her life in both the classroom and as a principal. Six children later found her dissatisfied with traditional school and homeschool became the better fit. She is also a pastor’s wife, editor, and entrepreneur who now homeschools four of her six children in Georgia. Jamie loves to share about her homeschool experience to help other homeschoolers find success. Connect with her at [email protected]