Curriculum Award Winners and Tips for Back to School Shopping!

July 30, 2019
Written by:
Courtney Newman

Our 2019 Back to Homeschool Curriculum Awards are sponsored by Accelerate Online Academy.

It’s that time of year again, friends!  Back to Homeschool is here and so are our curriculum awards.  We recognize how difficult it can be to decide on a curriculum when the choices are abundant.  Despite recommendations, everyone has differing opinions and considering each child is different, they work for various reasons.  However, with our back to homeschool awards, we are hoping to find the consensus for the most popular curriculum in each subject! Not only will this help new homeschoolers, but also anyone looking for something different.  You just never know if something different may work even better!

2019 Back to Homeschool Curriculum Award Winners

Huge thanks to everyone for participating in our Back to Homeschool Curriculum Awards!  We want to give a special thanks not only to these brands for presenting such outstanding curricula for our homeschooling community, but also for all of the homeschooling families who voted this year!  Without further ado, here are our 2019 winners!

See the full list of Back to Homeschool Curriculum Awards for all the nominees and runners-up!

On that note, be sure to browse our curriculum award winners from previous years!

3 Tips for Curriculum Shopping

Each time I walk into a curriculum hall at a homeschool convention, it doesn’t take more than a few moments for the anxiety to start creeping in.  It can be extremely overwhelming to take in all the vendors and options for curriculum. If you’re anything like me, too many choices may leave you floundering in a panicked state.  We hope these curriculum awards can help narrow down the choices, even if only a bit. Further, we have a few tips for how to use these awards when purchasing curriculum this year. Even a list like these winners can be a lot to take in.  Here are three ways how we would move forward from viewing the awards to making a purchase.

  • Choose a curriculum that aligns with your homeschooling method. Your homeschool method can make a big difference for how your kiddos learn and can also determine the most effective way to manage your homeschool schedule!  We have two podcasts specifically about homeschool methods, which may be helpful if you aren’t yet sure which method your family prefers most!
  • Consider your students’ learning styles. Do your kiddos tend to learn best from digital resources, such as online courses?  Or would they excel with traditional textbooks instead? Certain curricula only offer one format over another, so consider these aspects when shopping for a curriculum.  Though they may come recommended, you know best how your children learn and what works for your family!
  • Take this learning style quiz to find out more about your learning styles!

Though each family is different, these curricula won the awards for a reason.Of course, the most important factor involves determining how they will work for your family.  Even though these are recommended as the “best,” it’s relative to each family. That being said, keep in mind that these brands were intentionally recommended as helpful suggestions.  They likely merit consideration for several reasons, and may, in the end, be perfect for your family.

Consider listening to this podcast about buying homeschool curriculum.

Thank you, Accelerate Online Academy, for sponsoring our 2019 Back to Homeschool Curriculum Awards!

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