NOVEMBER 6, 2019

Get Help With Christmas Shopping & Enter to Win!

We’ve been behind the scenes like a bunch of Santa’s elves working like crazy to bring you a Christmas helper’s –  line up of super fun giveaways, resources, and gift guides.  We’re giving our regular visitors an insider peek at some of the awesomeness that our “elf-like” workshop is turning out!

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Get a jump on your Christmas shopping with these awesome idea lists for Stocking Stuffers and Family Gift Baskets! And keep checking back for weekly additions to our holiday resources! We’ve also got a super special free download that will be out soon!

Stocking Stuffers for Kids!

Stocking Stuffers for Kids

These stocking stuffers are sure to please. Stockings are a great chance to give a bunch of small, inexpensive items to make people laugh and smile. They don’t have to be anything major, but of course, you still want your family to like them.  If your mind is racing with a million other things right now and you are at a loss for what to get for stocking stuffers, let this list serve as inspiration! We have 50 great ideas here — 52 to be exact — and they can all be found on trusty Amazon.

Holiday Family Gift Basket Ideas!

Holiday Family Gift Basket Ideas

Gift baskets are a great option for holiday gifts!  The secret, though, is your selection process for the particular gift basket, your research on different types of baskets, and a dash of creativity!  When it comes to a gift basket, you don’t want it to be a run-of-the-mill compilation of nuts, fruit, and candy. Not only is that bland and boring, but it doesn’t shout “personal” to anyone.  Thankfully, there are tons of basket gift combinations available with all kinds of unique options. Let’s talk about them!

Handmade Gifts that Kids Can Make!

Handmade Gifts that Kids Can Make

We’ve found four magical and fairly easy DIY holiday crafts for kids, and we hope you love them!  You could even encourage the grandparents to get involved in these kids’ activities! So, let’s grab some hot cocoa, stoke the fire, turn on those Christmas carols, and get to work on these holiday activities for kids!