Top 5 Games for Building Homeschool Study Habits

April 16, 2020
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Whether it’s because of the nature of your work or due to a global pandemic that forces everyone to stay at home, homeschooling is a legitimate way of providing your child with the education they deserve. However, some children could have a hard time getting used to staying home and learning, which is why we decided to create this article and let you in on several gaming apps that could help your students develop a learning habit while at home.

Last year, Harvard Health issued an article that shows how games enhance cognitive abilities and allow easier adoption of new ideas and subjects. We whole-heartedly agree with this! In fact, here are our favorite top 5 games for building a homeschool study habit with your child.


This is a web-based platform that allows you to choose the grade, subject, and an app that will test and build your child’s academic skills through Flash games. It’s highly recommended for primary school kids because the games offered on this website don’t require any complex installation process, you just have to wait a few seconds for the app to load and you’re good to go.

What drives the learning habit is the fact that a kid could track overall progress and compete with its results.

Arcademic Skill Builders

This amazing competitive science assignment provider gives you a whole variety of arcade games that allow your child to compete with other children from all over the world in a series of math and geography challenges. The goal of each game is to race other players to the finish line by choosing the correct answer to random related questions.

The fact that a player’s success depends on how well he or she is doing in a certain field could be just what your kid needs to get more interested in homeschooling curriculum.

Dance Mat Typing

A website filled with games that can turn into spelling assignment help for homeschoolers of all ages. This gaming platform was developed by the BBC, and it allows you to choose the difficulty level according to your child’s age and current needs. There’s everything from basic grammar instructions to more complex assignments that teach communication in everyday life situations.

There are also very engaging video tutorials that can further develop your kid’s vocabulary and writing style.

Learning Games for Kids

This is an extensive online library of videogames that focus on learning virtually any subject from preschool to high school, and it’s all free of charge allowing unlimited access to all educative content presented on their website.

The games include typing challenges, arts, and music games, as well as a series of apps that build up your kid’s math and science skills. Scientific studies on childhood learning behavior show that healthy competition enhances the child’s ability and will to learn and gain new skills. The games presented on this website don’t require any special equipment other than a mouse and a keyboard which makes them all that easier to play and enjoy.

Vocabulary Spelling City

When offering chocolate cupcakes for spelling practice doesn’t work, Spelling City might just be what the doctor prescribed. It’s a browser-based spelling and vocabulary learning platform that allows your kid to practice writing and to extend their vocabulary through games.

The games are free to play, however, there is much more content for premium users. Another upside for those of you who decide to get a paid membership account is that you can add your own words and thus further increase the number of phrases in the online vocabulary.

Never Stop Building Study Habits

Kids nowadays spend much more time in front of the screen, many of them even develop certain forms of dependencies on computers and smartphones. To keep your children interested in learning and engaged it’s important to reach for their attention in a manner that’s familiar to them and that’s where video games and online gaming platforms are among the best tools in your hands.

Feel free to find your optimal game or gaming platform that offers educational entertainment so your kid’s homeschooling experience will be more productive.

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